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It’s time to say goodbye

Unfortunately, I have bad news, Cornelia Jakobs Online has come to an end.

I feel like it’s not fun anymore and I can’t maintain the site with how I feel by doing this. This is a decision that should have been made earlier, but I’ve tried and tried to find what I felt a few months ago. It can’t be found, and I don’t think it will in the future either so this feels like the best for me.

The site will be online until next October (2023). I want to thank everyone who has been by my side for the whole or a part of this incredible era. I got to interview Cornelia together with the amazing Christina (which is insane and so thankful for that). Christina was also a translator of the interview. Also want to thank my other stars to translators Alana, Li, Alva and Martin (he also helped me with posts sometimes since the summer). I wouldn’t have managed this long without you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you <3 Goodbye!

/ Sabina


Morgonpasset interview + English transcript (from 14/11)

Skip to 3:00:56 for the interview with Cornelia

Transcript of the interview:

David: One half year ago, she took the Saturday cozy sofas by storm. Our pride during Eurovision, and she hasn’t had a quiet moment since then, I’ve seen on Instagram, among other things. She will appear on the P3 Session Stage soon, but first we will have the honor of hanging out with her for a while. I’m of course talking about the songbird and the artist Cornelia Jakobs.

Cornelia: There was a lot I wanted to answer then you got back. First of all, is it half a year today?

Linnea: We have been told that it’s on the day exactly half a year ago.

C: Is it the fourteenth today?

L: We haven’t double checked.

D: Today is the fourteenth.

L: We only trust…

C: We have to buy cake Johannes. No, he’s not here.

L: He gives the thumbs up from the corner over there.

C: I’ll bring cake later.

L: What else did you react to in the presentation?

C: What did you say?…that you had seen it on Instagram, then I felt it was bullshit because I’m so bad at updating on Instagram so it can’t be-

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P3 Session LIVE + English transcript (14/11)

Cornelia’s full P3 session with short interview. Videos of Rise and Running Up That Hill (cover) below the transcript.

Samir Yosufi: Yeah, you’re listening to P3. It’s time for p3 Session Today we have a Mello winner who didn’t only take Sweden, but also Europe by storm, Cornelia Jakobs. It’s actually exactly 6 months ago that she stood on the Eurovision stage in Turin and sang her way into the Mello history, by coming 4th. A 4th place that felt like a victory. But, with this we’re turning the pages, because since the big success in Mello, Cornelia Jakobs has been traveling around the world, played live and also released new music, and you’re about to hear that now. She visited Morgonpasset earlier this morning and said that she’s never been this excited for anything, we have such beautiful arrangements. How does this sound? You’ll find out now. We’ll start with Fine.

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Lotta och samtalet + English Transcript (from 01/11)

Transcript of the interview:

Lotta: Welcome to Lotta and the Conversation. In my radio show “Half past three with Lotta Bromé” on Mix Megapol, I meet lots of different people. And sometimes I have the privilege to meet them a little longer. In Lotta and the Conversation, you get to hear the whole conversation with some of my guests. Basically, a bit more and extra of everything. In this conversation, I’m meeting Cornelia Jakobs, and it was so strange because it felt like we’d already met, that’s what I thought before entering the studio. To my surprise, she said almost the exact same thing before me. This was a very special meeting, I hope you’ll like it.

L: Do you need headphones or do you have?

Cornelia: Yeah I have them here.

L: I also have headphones.

C: I can even hear with them so that’s good.

L: Do you hear in them?

C: Yes, I hear in them, really well.

L: Great. Finally you’re here.

C: It’s nice to finally meet you, we’ve never met before.

L: Yeah, why’s that?

C: I don’t know.

L: It feels like we have but we haven’t, I was thinking about that right before.

C: This whole business is like a duck pond. You feel like a real “real” person.

L: That was a nice compliment.

C: Yeah really, it really is. It’s not that common in this business, there’s a lot of people thinking it’s fancy with the celebrity parties.

L: You turned 30 this spring, and suddenly you had a breakthrough over a night. What a spring!

C: What a spring! What a birthday gift! I turned 30 the Wednesday before the final, I didn’t have time to have a 30th birthday party, but I got to celebrate a victory and that was a huge gift.

L: But for us, it was like you broke through over a night, but for you, how long did you fight for your breakthrough.

C: I’ve worked in this business since the 2nd year of high school but in different constellations.

L: You’ve participated in Melodifestivalen before. Love Generation, and what was that?

C: That’s the question Lotta. The Mello song was “I’ll dance alone, keep the music playing on, on and on, I’ll dance alone…”

L: Which place did you get?

C: We got to the Second Chance. It feels like a past life.
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“Vogue Scandinavia” Interview summary

The Swedish musician Cornelia Jakobs chats to Vogue Scandinavia about the release of her new single “Rise”.

And if you were one of 161 million people to tune into this year’s competition, you’ll be well acquainted with the new name set to join the list: Swedish singer Cornelia Jakobs. Then, fitted out in the same sparkling curtain of silver fringing (a H&M piece borrowed from her mother’s wardrobe), Jakobs’ rendition at Eurovision was one of the most mesmerising and goosebump-inducing moments of this year’s competition – with recordings on YouTube and social media now inundated with views.

Since that Eurovision moment, Jakobs’ journey has been a relentless, upward trajectory – touring nationally, headlining overseas shows, and taking home two Rockbjörnen awards – all leading up to the milestone release of her follow-up track, suitably named “Rise”. “Rise” describes the moment when you sense the first glimpse of light after a long time being lost in the dark,” Jakobs says. The new track offers up the same vocal prowess and emotive appeal as “Hold Me Closer”, so it only makes sense to hear that Jakobs worked with the same writing team: her best friend of 16 years, Isa Molin, and musician David Zandén.

“Since Isa knows me so well, it feels really natural to write about life and raw emotions,” she says. Isa and David had been working a lot together over the past years, and then the three of us wrote “Hold Me Closer” and “Rise” in our first sessions together. After that we’ve been writing many more songs which I can’t wait to finish and release.”

There is a likeness, often noted by fans online, between Jakobs and Marie Fredriksson of Swedish pop duo Roxette – mostly owing to the arresting vocal capacity they share, but helped by their similar cropped blonde hairstyles. Jakobs dyed hers from her natural dark shade at the start of the year “out of boredom”.

“I was tired of the dark and I felt kind of lighter in my mind, so I felt like blonde suited this period better.” Themes of light and dark also arise in the lyrics of “Rise” (“suddenly it seems so easy, I’m slowly getting closer to the light”) and permeate Jakobs’ musical influence too: “I feel like Scandinavian music often has more darkness to it, which I can relate to with my writing.”

But it seems there’s nothing but light ahead for Jakobs, as she basks in the well-earned recognition and fan attention for her talent. Among the recent sold-out dates of her tour was a show in London, “A highlight of that show was when about 60 people in the front row held up butterflies they’d made out of paper in different colours, at the same time as I sang “I wanna know about butterflies”, she shares, referencing the lyrics of her song “Daylight”. “I have the best fans, and they love to surprise me with stuff like that!”

Six months on from the career-changing Eurovision moment, Jakobs says her schedule is a lot more packed and there are more people at shows, but she is still yet to properly process it all.

Read the full article by Clare McInerney on Vogue Scandinavia’s website.