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It’s time to say goodbye

Unfortunately, I have bad news, Cornelia Jakobs Online has come to an end.

I feel like it’s not fun anymore and I can’t maintain the site with how I feel by doing this. This is a decision that should have been made earlier, but I’ve tried and tried to find what I felt a few months ago. It can’t be found, and I don’t think it will in the future either so this feels like the best for me.

The site will be online until next October (2023). I want to thank everyone who has been by my side for the whole or a part of this incredible era. I got to interview Cornelia together with the amazing Christina (which is insane and so thankful for that). Christina was also a translator of the interview. Also want to thank my other stars to translators Alana, Li, Alva and Martin (he also helped me with posts sometimes since the summer). I wouldn’t have managed this long without you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you <3 Goodbye!

/ Sabina


“Hold Me Closer” is nominated for an award

Cornelia alongside her co-songwriters Isa Molin and David Zandén of “Hold Me Closer” is nominated for “Song of the year” at Musikförläggarna (“The Music Publishers”) award that takes place at Grand Hotel on November 11.

Musikförläggarna’s Prize is a Swedish music prize that is awarded annually to Swedish songwriters, composers and lyricists. The award was instituted in 2003 by the industry organization Musikförläggarna and aims to highlight and pay attention to the year’s most outstanding Swedish music creators.

(source wikipedia)

The jury’s statement:


Vinnaren i Melodifestivalen blir varje år den kanske tuffast bedömda låten av alla.  Episkt hudlösa ”Hold Me Closer” – skriven av Cornelia Jakobs, David Zandén och Isa Molin – stod upp helt utsökt och belönades efter Eurovision Song Contest som vinnare i kompositörsklassen av The Marcel Bezençon Awards, priset som belönar tävlingens bästa finalbidrag.


The winner of the Melodifestivalen is every year perhaps the hardest judged song of all. Epically skinless “Hold Me Closer” – written by Cornelia Jakobs, David Zandén and Isa Molin – stood up perfectly and was awarded after Eurovision Song Contest as the winner in the composer class of The Marcel Bezençon Awards, the award that rewards the best final entry of the contest.

Thanks Tina for finding this for me!
Source: Musikförläggarna’s Instagram and official website
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Pre-save Cornelia’s new single “Rise” out on October 7th

Cornelia’s releasing her single “Rise” on October 7th and if you pre-save it before 17:00 (CET) on Wednesday, September 28th you’ll get a free access to the live stream of her last show of this tour in London on Wednesday, September 28th at 22:00 (CET). You can pre-save it on this link.

Note: You’ll get an access code and link to the stream sent the email you pre-saved with before the show starts on Wednesday.

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Translated article from Aftonbladet – Cornelia Jakobs winning two awards at Rockbjörnen

First, she won Melodifestivalen. Now, she’s winning the awards for the breakthrough of the Year and the Swedish Song of the Year at Rockbjörnen (the Rock Bear 2022).

– Thank you so much, my amazing fans, says Cornelia Jakobs.

Cornelia Jakobs, 30, has won the hearts of the people. Since winning Melodifestivalen and placing fourth in Eurovision Song Contest, the viewers of Aftonbladet have voted.

She is the Breakthrough of the Year 2022.

– Thank you! Really, thank you so much, my amazing fans. I recognize so many of you!

– Thank you so much! Wow, I don’t know what to say, I’m just so damn happy.

Winning two awards

Cornelia Jakobs can celebrate twice at Rockbjörnen. She’s also awarded the Song of the Year for the song that gave her the breakthrough.

– I love you, wow.

“Hold Me Closer” won Melodifestivalen last spring and is now awarded as the Song of the Year at Rockbjörnen.

The song has since its release in March been streamed more than 35 million times on Spotify. “Hold Me Closer” is written by Cornelia Jakobs, Isa Molin and David Zandén.

– It’s something very special with these two for me, because it’s not very easy to just sit in a room with two people and write a song but with them it’s so fun even at times with it’s difficult, says Cornelia in her speech.

The winners of Rockbjörnen are selected by the viewers of Aftonbladet.

By: Linnea Digerstedt
Translated by: Martin Olofsson
Photo: Anders Bardell
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Translated interview with Aftonbladet – Cornelia Jakobs to Rockbjörnen 2022: “Dreamy award show” + photos

The Mello winner Cornelia Jakobs is coming to Rockbjörnen 2022 (the Rock Bear 2022). It’s an excited artist who’s gonna get on the stage on August 18th.

– It’ll be super fun, I love to do live gigs, she says.

This year’s Rockbjörnen is getting closer. 7 awards will be given out on the live show that will be streamed from Gustaf Adolf’s torg in Stockholm, Thursday August 18th.

Cornelia Jakobs has the chance of getting several bears – but she’ll also perform.

– It feels super fun, I’ve been to Rockbjörnen for several years. About 10 years, I think. It’s a super fun event.

She says that Rockbjörnen is something different, and a party unlike anything else.

– It very unique, cause it’s an award show in the middle of the summer. I have so many great summer memories from Rockbjörnen. Many of these award shows are held in like, February, when it’s depressing as hell in this country. This [award show] has so many lovely, fluffy clouds around it. It’s a dreamy award show in that way, she says.

Nominated in three categories

Right in front of the big turquoise couch and the very red dresser in her apartment, Sångfågeln [the Song Bird, the Melodifestivalen trophy] is standing squeezed in the window behind a plant. Next to it is another award. In only a few weeks, there could be way more weight on the window sill. Cornelia could get several prizes at Rockbjörnen.

– It feels amazing to be nominated in three categories and it makes it even nicer to perform at the show, so I can give something back to everyone who’s voted, she says.

Cornelia Jakobs is nominated in the categories song of the year, newcomer of the year and female artist of the year. And even if she obviously wants to get all of them, there’s one award that means more than anything: song of the year.

– This song is very special and important to me, so it might be the one I hope for the most.

Do you have any chance of winning?

– Yes, I think so. It feels like it’s reaching out to a lot of people.

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“Allsång på Skansen” Artist Presentation (07/06)

Cornelia attended the Allsång på Skansen press conference on Solliden stage at Skansen in Stockholm, Sweden on June 7. She was announced as one of the artists in this year’s Allsång på Skansen line-up. She’s gonna perform in line-up at the premiere on June 28. I have found some photos from the press conference that I added into the gallery. It might be added more photos if I find some. I’ve also translated the video interview she did with Aftonbladet. You can watch the interview below in this post. If you are on the front page, click on “continue reading” to find the video.

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Cornelia live on phone at RIX MorronZoo + English Transcript (30/05)

RIX MorronZoo called Cornelia this morning on May 30 for a short interview since it got announced she’s gonna be at RIX FM Festival this summer. The dates when Cornelia’s joining are not out yet, I’ll update asap when they are released.

Transcript of the interview:
R: Hold on! Cornelia Jakobs is going with us this summer and we have Cornelia on the line. Hello.
C: Hey, hello good morning.
R: How are you?
C: I said it first.
R: Well, it’s Monday. To be a Monday, it’s good.
O: I’m good because now we know you’ll be with us at RIX FM Festival.
C: Oh how happy I get to hear that Laila. It’s going to be a lot of fun.
R: Hold on Cornelia, Laila is home and sick today. That was Olivia.
C: Sorry Olivia!
O: No worries!
C: I hope Laila gets well soon because she is going to festival.
R: Have you recovered since Eurovision?
C: Damn. But it’s so much fun happening, it’s a lot and I don’t know there will be like some small waves. Yesterday I was at Mother’s Day dinner and then someone mentioned something… and then it struck me god what I have been through?
R: It felt like you came home from Italy and wanted to lie a little low.
C: It was probably mostly because I needed to sleep for two days then I went into a rehearsal room.
R: Oh.
C: Yes, I have started the summer tour.
R: Right.
C: So it was straight into that bubble.
O: But how fun!
C: And a bit to go back to how life is after Eurovision, it’s a hell of a lot of work. Yes it is a different type of job you would say.
O: I’m also a little curious about, is there a creation of new songs that we’ll get hear soon?
C: Well, Olivia, it does. There are so many songs and some of them I’m singing on the tour, but we try to complete what is next and then comes an album. Are you coming to Grönan on Friday?
R: Absolutely!
C: Do you do that?
R: Yes, yes, yes.
C: Oh, how fun!
R: It will be 30 degrees and sun as well.
C: Are you kidding?
R: No I was joking but I hope so anyway.
O: It can feel like 30 degrees and sun.
R: Yes, but what what relation do you have this with touring life, do you like it?
C: Oh, I love it. It’s live, playing live is what I live for. I think it is completely magical and that’s my form of therapy.
O: And now you’re allowed to do it at RIX FM Festival, how does it feel?
C: Yes, it’s going to be so damn fun, are you coming too?
R + O: Yes.
C: How fun!
R: We will definitely come and do you have a list of requirements with you?
C: Yes, I just want home-baked coconut balls and it must be from someone’s mother.
R: From someone… I’ll call my mom today and check. Coconut balls, is it anything more?
C: Yes we’ll see, can I send by email?
R: Yes, absolutely but coconut balls are a good start I think, absolutely. Have a fantastic… Have a fantastic Monday, Cornelia. See you on the roads this summer then.
C: Yes, we do. Have a wonderful time.
R: Kisses and hugs!
C: Kisses and hugs!
R: Cornelia Jakobs who joins us this summer at RIX FM Festival. Go to where there’s more information about our tour this summer.

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“Hold Me Closer” won a “Marcel Bezençon Award”

“Hold Me Closer” was one of the winners of this year’s Marcel Bezençon Awards 2022 during Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Marcel Bezençon Awards is an annual mini award show with three awards named after Marcel Bezençon (the creator of Eurovision Song Contest). The composers, press, commentors voted on by all of the participating composers at this year’s Contest. Cornelia, Isa Molin and David Zandén was presented as this year’s winners of the Composer Award.