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P3 Session LIVE + English transcript (14/11)

Cornelia’s full P3 session with short interview. Videos of Rise and Running Up That Hill (cover) below the transcript.

Samir Yosufi: Yeah, you’re listening to P3. It’s time for p3 Session Today we have a Mello winner who didn’t only take Sweden, but also Europe by storm, Cornelia Jakobs. It’s actually exactly 6 months ago that she stood on the Eurovision stage in Turin and sang her way into the Mello history, by coming 4th. A 4th place that felt like a victory. But, with this we’re turning the pages, because since the big success in Mello, Cornelia Jakobs has been traveling around the world, played live and also released new music, and you’re about to hear that now. She visited Morgonpasset earlier this morning and said that she’s never been this excited for anything, we have such beautiful arrangements. How does this sound? You’ll find out now. We’ll start with Fine.

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Svensktoppen 60 år – All Cornelia’s performances

A few weeks ago, Cornelia was one of the soloists of Svensktoppen‘s 60 years concerts at Berwaldhallen in Stockholm. She performed some old goodies from the Svensktoppen history alongside the other soloists. “Till dom ensamma” (“To the lonely ones”), “Hold Me Closer”, “Själens skrubbsår” (“The scourge of the soul”), “Händerna mot himlen” (“Hands to the sky”) and “Håll mitt hjärta” (“Hold my heart”). Svensktoppen is the biggest swedish song top list that updates every week. “Hold Me Closer” is one of the songs that has stayed the longest on the list. Well done Cornelia and the team!


Full livestream from London, UK @ Colours Hoxton (28/9-22)

Last night (September 28), Cornelia had her last concert of this year’s tour at the bar Colours Hoxton in London, UK. The concert was streamed on Dramatix for they who couldn’t be there, the stream was organized by her artist agency Jubel. I was so kind to screen record the whole thing for you. Enjoy! The quality is kinda mixed but it’s still decent though to post.

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Pre-save Cornelia’s new single “Rise” out on October 7th

Cornelia’s releasing her single “Rise” on October 7th and if you pre-save it before 17:00 (CET) on Wednesday, September 28th you’ll get a free access to the live stream of her last show of this tour in London on Wednesday, September 28th at 22:00 (CET). You can pre-save it on this link.

Note: You’ll get an access code and link to the stream sent the email you pre-saved with before the show starts on Wednesday.


Translated article from Ölandsbladet – Cornelia Jakobs ended Kackelstugan’s season exceptionally

Antonio and Berta Manchón travelled all the way from southern Spain to Västra Sörby to see their favorite artist perform. They expected an arena like concert, but were pleasantly surprised by the intimate venue they met at Kackelstugan.

The Melodifestivalen winner and Eurovision star Cornelia Jakobs ended Kackelstugan’s season this Friday. When Sarah Klang’s and Ellen Krauss’ gig on Saturday was cancelled because of illness, Cornelia Jakobs’ sold out indoors gig got to finish off Kackelstugan’s season. A gig that attracted super fans from not only the entire country, but also the rest of Europe.

Over 200 people were gathered in the sweaty indoors barn and the audience’s energy was on top throughout the entire gig. Cornelia has both a wide audience, as well as a tight, loyal group of fans who welcomes her when she, at first seemingly shy and humble, entered the stage.

The concert was divided into two sets. One toned down acoustic set to start slowly. Then she ended the evening with great power and energy, accompanied by an entire band behind her. Already around the second song in the gig’s first set, was the initial shyness gone, and Cornelia does an amazing gig with her incredible voice. A worthy season finale as one of the last artist to perform at Öland in the summer of 2022.

Berta Manchón travelled all the way from south west Spain, 20 kilometers outside Seville, to Västra Sörby and Kackelstugan, together with her dad Antonio Manchón for the Friday concert. A trip that started with a flight to Stockholm, to then continue by train via Linköping to Kalmar and bus to Borgholm. Then they took a taxi to finally arrive at Kackelstugan. Everything to see their big idol Cornelia Jakobs perform on home ground.

“It’s a big opportunity for me and her to take a trip as father and daughter”

– Cornelia is the biggest reason why we came here, but we also get to see a new place. I really like it here, says Berta Manchón.

– It’s a big opportunity for me and her to take a trip as father and daughter, adds Antonio Manchón.

Howcome you started listening to Cornelia Jakobs?

– ­I knew she participated in Melodifestivalen, but I didn’t like her at first. But I hadn’t listened to her song. This year was so big for Spain in Eurovision. For the first time we had a really good song and I was so upset when she was selected because she was a really big competition for us. But then one week after she won Melodifestivalen, I decided to listen to her song and the performance. And I really liked it, says Berta Manchón.

What is it about her music that you like the most?

– The lyrics or course. Also her voice, it’s amazing and so special.

Do you have a favorite song?

– Yes, “Dream Away“. And “Rise“. I think she will perform both today. I’m really looking forward for her performance.

After one night at a hotel in Borgholm, Berta and Antonio will once again get on a train and travel home. This time via Copenhagen, Kastrup.

– It’s amazing and unlikely. I can’t really wrap my head around it, says the organizer, Pelle Alderstam.

– To do a gig with 15000 people on a field or meet one person who comes here with her daughter from Spain, and have been travelling by bus, train and taxi only to see this. This is what it’s all about and it’s what gives me as an organizer the drive to continue with this, he continues.

But Antonio and Berta are not the only ones who travelled far this evening. Six hours before the concert started, a group of fifteen super fans from all around Sweden, were standing and waiting to enter Kackelstugan. They have gotten to know each other on Twitter and other social media platforms, where they have been following Cornelia’s summer tour gig by gig.

– Her music is great and it’s made it possible for me to meet so many nice people. We’re all super huge fans, says Smilla Ohlsson from the group who has organized a meet up for the concert.

– It’s insane, cause none of us would’ve met if it wasn’t for her. We come from all around Sweden and all of us thinks that she is absolutely amazing, adds another one from the group.

During the concert, Berta was united with Smilla and company. In the front row, they were all responsible for the singalong that continued through the entire concert. Cornelia maintained her humility and interacted with the audience throughout the entire concert, and for Berta and Antonio, she translated to English, when she talked between her songs.

By: Joacim Andersson
Translated by: Li Carlstensen
Photo: @liindahb
Concerts Gallery Updates Summer Tour 2022

Photos from the Summer Tour at Frimis Salonger (09/06)

Cornelia’s summer tour made it to Frimis Salonger in Örebro, Sweden on June 9. I’ve found a couple of photos and received some by a friend through email. You can find the photos in the gallery. Credit to the owners are written below the thumbnails/photos in the gallery. If you go to any of her shows and want to share your photos then upload them on wetransfer and email I’ll credit the owners of the photos.

Concerts Gallery Updates Summer Tour 2022

Photos from the Summer Tour on the Swedish National Day (06/06)

Cornelia’s summer tour continued on Sweden’s National Day (June 6) at Djäkneberget in Västerås, Sweden. I’ve found a couple of photos and received some by mail (81 photos) from the concert, which you can find in the gallery. Credit to the owners are written below the thumbnails/photos in the gallery.