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Site Updates

Cornelia Jakobs Online now on YouTube!

Cornelia Jakobs Online is finally on YouTube. There you’ll get Cornelia videos, but some will still be uploaded on the server though. The interview I did with Cornelia on July 1st will be up on YouTube in the near future. Make sure you subscribe and enable notifications to be the first to see the interview…I might release a teaser for you there in the upcoming days. Thank you for your patience!

Click here to come to the YouTube channel.

Site Updates

Hello world!

Welcome to Cornelia Jakobs Online. Your first unofficial resource for news about Cornelia Jakobsdotter Samuelsson.

I’m gonna open a contact form to help me maintaining the site in the VERY VERY SOON. It’ll be impossible to this by my own with the ESC and summer gigs Cornelia is booked for. I’m gonna update the upcoming dates in the sidebar frequently so you don’t miss out a gig!