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“Fine” and “Rise” Live at “Nyhetsmorgon” (08/10)

This morning (October 8), Cornelia guested the morning show “Nyhetsmorgon” on TV4. She performed the two latest singles “Fine” and “Rise” but also did an interview. You can watch the performances below, stay tuned for the interview translated and subtitled that we will get up asap.


Live at “Allsång på Skansen” in Stockholm (28/06)

Last night on June 28, Cornelia was one of the performers on Allsång på Skansen season premiere. She sang “Hold Me Closer” and a sing-along song “Sånt är livet”. She also appeared alongside Sanna Nielsen, Jill Johnson and Elisabeth Andreassen in a tribute medley for the Swedish singer Kikki Danielsson‘s 70th birthday, where Cornelia sang Kikki’s song “Dag efter dag” and a short part of “Bra vibrationer”. You can watch all performances below.

Photos will get uploaded in the gallery but there’s a lot going on in my head right now because of my scheduled interview with Cornelia on friday so it might have to wait.

Interview + “Sånt är livet”

“Hold Me Closer” Live at “VG-lista” in Oslo (17/06)

Last night (June 17), Cornelia joined the free norwegian concert VG-lista at Rådhusplassen in Oslo. The concert aired on NRK and VGTV. You can watch her perform “Hold Me Closer” below (in front of thousand of people in the rain). It will be more posts from the night with translated interviews and photos from the red carpet. Stay tuned!

Eurovision Tv-Preformances

“Hold Me Closer” live at “Eurovision 2022” Grand Final

Last Saturday (May 14), it was time for the Eurovision 2022 grand final. All Swedes were so proud of Cornelia for placing fourth in the final scoreboard, and the jury’s second. Even though we hoped for a victory, but it’s Sweden’s best placing in Eurovision since Måns Zelmerlöw won back in 2015. Good job Cornelia and the whole Swedish delegation! It has been a pleasure to follow your journey in Turin.

I know this post is late but I spent hours on translations and stuff that took my time. I also added photos from the broadcast in the gallery. If you want to check them out!

Eurovision Tv-Preformances

“Hold Me Closer” live at “Eurovision 2022” 2nd Semi-Final

Last night (May 12), it was finally time for Cornelia to show Europe how talented she is and how good her song is on the second semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2022. She made it to the grand final tomorrow, I’m so proud of her! It would been a disaster if she didn’t qualify after how good she delivered. All the technological problems she had with the Italian team during the rehearsals to this. I want to give an applause to the broadcaster RAI for fixing the problems.


“Hold Me Closer” Live at “HLF8”

Last night (April 28), Cornelia made a small appearance on the Dutch talk show HLF8. She performed her song “Hold Me Closer”. I managed to get the performance thanks to my friend. You can watch the performance below.

Thumbnail by: HLF8

“Hold Me Closer” live at “QX Gaygala” (Instagram footage + Professional Photos)

After Cornelia did her performance at the Unicef Gala “Världens viktigaste kväll – och roligaste” on April 25, she performed her song again at the year’s “QX Gaygala”. The tv-version of the QX Gaygala airs on Friday April 29, TV4 at 21.30. But there’s footage on instagram from her performance that I can share with you until we get the tv-performance in a few days. And some professional photos that I have uploaded into the gallery. Thanks nordicxlullaby and edvinrydingarchives for sharing some of the stuff with me.

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