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Cornelia live on phone at RIX MorronZoo + English Transcript (30/05)

RIX MorronZoo called Cornelia this morning on May 30 for a short interview since it got announced she’s gonna be at RIX FM Festival this summer. The dates when Cornelia’s joining are not out yet, I’ll update asap when they are released.

Transcript of the interview:
R: Hold on! Cornelia Jakobs is going with us this summer and we have Cornelia on the line. Hello.
C: Hey, hello good morning.
R: How are you?
C: I said it first.
R: Well, it’s Monday. To be a Monday, it’s good.
O: I’m good because now we know you’ll be with us at RIX FM Festival.
C: Oh how happy I get to hear that Laila. It’s going to be a lot of fun.
R: Hold on Cornelia, Laila is home and sick today. That was Olivia.
C: Sorry Olivia!
O: No worries!
C: I hope Laila gets well soon because she is going to festival.
R: Have you recovered since Eurovision?
C: Damn. But it’s so much fun happening, it’s a lot and I don’t know there will be like some small waves. Yesterday I was at Mother’s Day dinner and then someone mentioned something… and then it struck me god what I have been through?
R: It felt like you came home from Italy and wanted to lie a little low.
C: It was probably mostly because I needed to sleep for two days then I went into a rehearsal room.
R: Oh.
C: Yes, I have started the summer tour.
R: Right.
C: So it was straight into that bubble.
O: But how fun!
C: And a bit to go back to how life is after Eurovision, it’s a hell of a lot of work. Yes it is a different type of job you would say.
O: I’m also a little curious about, is there a creation of new songs that we’ll get hear soon?
C: Well, Olivia, it does. There are so many songs and some of them I’m singing on the tour, but we try to complete what is next and then comes an album. Are you coming to Grönan on Friday?
R: Absolutely!
C: Do you do that?
R: Yes, yes, yes.
C: Oh, how fun!
R: It will be 30 degrees and sun as well.
C: Are you kidding?
R: No I was joking but I hope so anyway.
O: It can feel like 30 degrees and sun.
R: Yes, but what what relation do you have this with touring life, do you like it?
C: Oh, I love it. It’s live, playing live is what I live for. I think it is completely magical and that’s my form of therapy.
O: And now you’re allowed to do it at RIX FM Festival, how does it feel?
C: Yes, it’s going to be so damn fun, are you coming too?
R + O: Yes.
C: How fun!
R: We will definitely come and do you have a list of requirements with you?
C: Yes, I just want home-baked coconut balls and it must be from someone’s mother.
R: From someone… I’ll call my mom today and check. Coconut balls, is it anything more?
C: Yes we’ll see, can I send by email?
R: Yes, absolutely but coconut balls are a good start I think, absolutely. Have a fantastic… Have a fantastic Monday, Cornelia. See you on the roads this summer then.
C: Yes, we do. Have a wonderful time.
R: Kisses and hugs!
C: Kisses and hugs!
R: Cornelia Jakobs who joins us this summer at RIX FM Festival. Go to where there’s more information about our tour this summer.

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