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“Hold Me Closer” is nominated for an award

Cornelia alongside her co-songwriters Isa Molin and David Zandén of “Hold Me Closer” is nominated for “Song of the year” at Musikförläggarna (“The Music Publishers”) award that takes place at Grand Hotel on November 11.

Musikförläggarna’s Prize is a Swedish music prize that is awarded annually to Swedish songwriters, composers and lyricists. The award was instituted in 2003 by the industry organization Musikförläggarna and aims to highlight and pay attention to the year’s most outstanding Swedish music creators.

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The jury’s statement:


Vinnaren i Melodifestivalen blir varje år den kanske tuffast bedömda låten av alla.  Episkt hudlösa ”Hold Me Closer” – skriven av Cornelia Jakobs, David Zandén och Isa Molin – stod upp helt utsökt och belönades efter Eurovision Song Contest som vinnare i kompositörsklassen av The Marcel Bezençon Awards, priset som belönar tävlingens bästa finalbidrag.


The winner of the Melodifestivalen is every year perhaps the hardest judged song of all. Epically skinless “Hold Me Closer” – written by Cornelia Jakobs, David Zandén and Isa Molin – stood up perfectly and was awarded after Eurovision Song Contest as the winner in the composer class of The Marcel Bezençon Awards, the award that rewards the best final entry of the contest.

Thanks Tina for finding this for me!
Source: Musikförläggarna’s Instagram and official website

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