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Eurovision Pre-Parties

“Hold Me Closer” Live at “Wiwi Jam at Home 2022”

Last night on May 7, the famous Eurovision blog Wiwibloggs hosted a pre-party called “Wiwi Jam at Home” with pre-recorded performances. Cornelia is one of this year’s contestants that was included. She recorded a special performance of “Hold Me Closer” at the A-House in Stockholm. Fun fact, although the interior of the building is very aesthetic for photography, its exterior has won a public vote as the ugliest building in Stockholm.

Her performance is an extended version of the song with a beautiful ending. Everything about this performance is so well-made. Huge credit to Cornelia’s friend Celia Caap, who’s the choreographer of this. She created this performance together with Cornelia. They should use A-House for a future music video for any of Cornelia’s songs (perhaps an unreleased one?). Don’t you think?

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