Cornelia Jakobs Online

It’s time to say goodbye

Unfortunately, I have bad news, Cornelia Jakobs Online has come to an end.

I feel like it’s not fun anymore and I can’t maintain the site with how I feel by doing this. This is a decision that should have been made earlier, but I’ve tried and tried to find what I felt a few months ago. It can’t be found, and I don’t think it will in the future either so this feels like the best for me.

The site will be online until next October (2023). I want to thank everyone who has been by my side for the whole or a part of this incredible era. I got to interview Cornelia together with the amazing Christina (which is insane and so thankful for that). Christina was also a translator of the interview. Also want to thank my other stars to translators Alana, Li, Alva and Martin (he also helped me with posts sometimes since the summer). I wouldn’t have managed this long without you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you <3 Goodbye!

/ Sabina

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