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Morgonpasset interview + English transcript (from 14/11)

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Transcript of the interview:

David: One half year ago, she took the Saturday cozy sofas by storm. Our pride during Eurovision, and she hasn’t had a quiet moment since then, I’ve seen on Instagram, among other things. She will appear on the P3 Session Stage soon, but first we will have the honor of hanging out with her for a while. I’m of course talking about the songbird and the artist Cornelia Jakobs.

Cornelia: There was a lot I wanted to answer then you got back. First of all, is it half a year today?

Linnea: We have been told that it’s on the day exactly half a year ago.

C: Is it the fourteenth today?

L: We haven’t double checked.

D: Today is the fourteenth.

L: We only trust…

C: We have to buy cake Johannes. No, he’s not here.

L: He gives the thumbs up from the corner over there.

C: I’ll bring cake later.

L: What else did you react to in the presentation?

C: What did you say?…that you had seen it on Instagram, then I felt it was bullshit because I’m so bad at updating on Instagram so it can’t be-

D: Yeah, I’m pretty bad at looking, every time I looked you had updated-

C: Okay, nice, nice!

C: I felt like a fraud, like no, that’s not true.

D: It looks like you’re everywhere, around Europe and have performed.

C: Yes.

D: Are you completely worn out as a person?

C: Eh, yes. But happy. Exactly, thank you.

D: Sticky, happy, broken and fair.

C: Fake. No, I’m kidding.

D: Has it worn you out?

C: One hundred percent. Really. But I was alone for a week now, so completely alone in Hawaii. But we had a company gig there then. So I went a week before and was just by myself. And that was important. At first I thought, what do I do? But it was good, I haven’t had a moment by myself since January.

D: What does Cornelia Jakobs do by herself in Hawaii?

C: She produces arrangements for P3 Session.

D: She’s working?

C: Yes, exactly in relation to work- I sat by myself and wondered if maybe you should do this- and went and bought the cheapest ukulele at the nearest ABC Store, and sat and fiddled. It’s still very peaceful for me if I can sit in my solitude and be creative and I haven’t been able to do that for a long time.

L: I’m thinking it’s like in White Lotus. Have you seen the series White Lotus?

C: Oh yes.

L: Were you like in White Lotus?

C: Or I’ve seen..I’ve only seen five episodes. I thought it was a bit too difficult and full of anxiety. It was actually at that hotel that we played the company gig, it’s crazy that you brought it up.

L: Really?

C: And there they sat, in that bar. Shit. But that wasn’t where I had my holidays, I couldn’t have afforded that. It’s absolutely insane. 25,000 at night.

L: SVT pays.

C: I’ll give them a call and check. That would’ve been amazing.

D: But when you win? You win Melodifestivalen. It’s going so well. You go to Eurovision, sing your song there. And it has to be- you have to be on top of the world. That’s what you aim for when you take part in the Melodifestivalen. But then there will be so much to do. And no matter how much fun it’s and what you want to do, it does eat it up. Have you ever sat in fetal position and just sobbed to yourself? I can’t take it anymore or something like that.

C: Have you…Have you talked to anyone?

D: Yes, I have access to your dairy.

C: Yes, you have. Right.

D: But is it like that?

C: God, I’ve been in so much fetal position this whole year, back and forth. But it is also yes. Yes Yes. Answer: Yes, you got it all. Just like you say, no matter it’s the best you know and all you want to do. When you start to take away energy you don’t have, you only go down on the account rather than going up in energy and well-being.

D: But do you learn to deal with it somehow?

C: I’m thinking that-

D: You have to do something to get you there, but then you find a key to how to make it work.

C: I think in my case I’ve been sitting a little, that’s what I did in Hawaii, analyzing, seeing and writing things down. What do you need? What do I need to think about next year and how do you need to do things and try to get to know yourself in a new situation in some way.

D: And it is difficult, perhaps among their usual relatives and try to get help from there because there may not be anyone who really recognizes themselves in the situation. Where do you turn then?

C: You’re spot on! It feels like I’m at a psychologist appointment. Well I know it’s everyday. Exactly, above all, I think I’ve felt that it’s been so much about me for a while now, so I don’t want to burden my close relationships with this either. And by the way, I’m feeling a bit bad so I have- But I’m going to my fantastic psychologist who I can’t be without. And try to go there more often.

L: I’m curious about, I remember from Melodifestivalen where they made like these postcards as it’s called. It’s like small clips, presentation clips of the artists where you get to know you a little and it’s because there will be some time for you to go on stage in the TV production, and then I remember in your postcard they were at your place and it was so much fun because you imagine an artist, an apartment and you just hello welcome in- there is a bed here. We haven’t got rid of it yet, I’ll sell it. You can step over, some plastic bags. It was very much like coming into my place. But have you gotten rid of the bed? Is it still there?

C: It was a couch, didn’t mean to correct you. But to put it that way, I’ve gotten rid of that couch. But the one I had bought.. it’s probably trying, trying to get rid of it now because it’s too big. It is absolutely wonderful, but too big, that is the worst.

L: It feels like a nightmare to buy a sofa on Blocket from you. I’m not home. I will be home between 11-11:30 on Thursday the 16th. Although I don’t want to give my number so if you just…

C: Can you call my manager?…he can come home then. God yes, nice. I seem to be a lovely person.

L: Like a human.

C: Well, thank you.

D: Are you feeling well now?

C: Very good. I haven’t slept much because I just got home the day before yesterday so I’m a bit shaky. But I’m so fucking excited, I shouldn’t say that. But I’ve never been so excited about anything in my life, because we have such great arrangements.

D: We’ll talk more about P3 Session soon. And also about Pothead Jakobs.

C: Exciting!

D: Hold Me Closer with… let’s see, I need to scroll… hmm, Cornelia Jakobs!

C: Cornelia, something. Wtf is her name? That blonde pothead girl.

D: Exactly, the blonde pothead girl Cornelia Jakobs is in the studio, jokes aside. But there were some headlines about you this spring when you performed at a Cannabis event.

C: Oh, right now I get it. I thought you meant pothead as if I have a bowlcut [pottfrisyr, roughly translated as potty haircut]

D: Oooh!

L: That’s how little of a pothead she is. She doesn’t even know what the word pothead is.

C: Exactly, say no more, do we even need to continue this conversation?

L: Is it ringing?

C: And it’s ringing, what is this? Doesn’t know the name of the artists, it’s ringing in the middle of-

D: It’s an alarm, I have to pay taxes.

C: Ah, that’s good. Good that you’re reminding me as well.

D: Isn’t it a bit unexpected that a Mello artist to perform at a cannabis event?

C: Maybe it is.

D: Or maybe you haven’t looked it up?

C: I don’t really keep track on stuff, don’t ask any hard questions cause I’m not keeping track.

L: Honestly though, I’m genuinely curious about a cannabis event. Where in the world are we? Where in the cannabis world, or that event.

C: In Stockholm.

L: Oh, it was in Stockholm?

C: Yeah, at Waterfront. It was exciting.

L: But it feels like SVT and Melodifestivalen are family shows and it’s controlled what jokes they are allowed to say and they keep track of what kind of artists are performing and so on. Did it create a bad atmosphere that you performed at the event?

C: I don’t think so. Nothing that I noticed. Did you notice anything bad?

L: I never have a bad atmosphere. But there were headlines.

C: Yeah, right. But I think I have a blessing, cause I don’t look at that stuff. So I didn’t notice, but I get it, I’m sure there were… But it was exciting.

L: What an event.

D: Yeah, why weren’t we invited?

C: Totally. You would’ve enjoyed it, it was fun. But I was like- I’m not the one doing the bookings. They were like, shall we do it? and I was like, yeah heck… the thing is that, eh… it is… I felt that… you, like, that, gosh, I can’t – it is this thing about morning radio, I can’t speak really.

L: You’re doing great.

C: But you’re speaking so well.

D: Zero genuineness. But, where were you going?

C: Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing. Where was I going? I’m thinking that I’m not that fond of smoking grass. I don’t like getting high in that way. But what I know is that I have close ones that have been able to cure cancer and other things, but CBD oil it’s without THC that gets you high.

D: I’ll add that there might not be any evidence for that, scientifically speaking.

L: We have to say that.

C: Oh right I get it.

D: We know that it’s possible, but we don’t have it on paper.

C: And I used a bit of CBD oil during Eurovision cause it’s important to not be tense or easily hoarse, and so I used it and it worked great.

L: It’s such a strange thing with that world that it’s legalized and a part of pop culture, and it’s a life style for some, and there is of course addiction -that entire debate – but we are living in a country, in a society where it is illegal. Like, there are laws against it. It’s a special thing to be in the borderline, that you have one foot in USA and pop culture and the rest of Europe, then in Sweden we’re talking about it like ”it’s also against the drug laws… It’s a unique world to live in.

C: Exactly. But I have to say I do think it’s troublesome that it is so much legalized in USA. Cause people are – everything happens so slowly. I’ve been sitting in sessions where people have smoked, and I’ve been like… please.

L: You’re legalize it, personally?

C: I don’t know, I’m nothing. I’m for research. In everything. That you shouldn’t be closed and that’s what this event – or it was a seminar – that they were talking about what is there, I just think that I don’t wanna be closed off, cause there are a lot of things that has been illegal and then they have found out that they have new effects that can save the world. I’m just very open for people to be able to talk about thing and discuss and so I’m open to research. Then when I was there I thought that it wasn’t as much research as I had hoped for, but mostly people who thought it was fun to smoke Weed outside, so I felt like –

L: ”Hey, I’m just here to do the entertainment!”

C: Exactly, don’t judge me!

L: Have to say, Cannabis oil without THC is legal in Sweden.

C: Yes, that’s what I meant.

D: We’re here with no other than with the Eurovision winner, in my world. In my world you are. That is how it is. Cornelia Jakobs.

L: David has presented you as the Eurovision winner all morning.

C: Really?

L: And I was like, I don’t wanna bring down the mood, but she didn’t win. And he’s like, I’m not listening to that, I won’t.

D: Such boring news you’re coming with.

L: Such a boring tone from me.

D: Can’t I just feel like this?

C: The tone, watch your tone. I’m here now, so don’t rub it in my face.

L: So we can all agree that the Eurovision winner is Cornelia Jakobs.

D: But in Linnea’s world you ended up at what place, Cornelia?

C: I don’t know, what did you think?

L: Third place, right?

D: Was it really?

C: Fourth.

L: It was fourth. But won. She won.

C: I won!

D: But today is P3 Session, you’re performing. What can we expect?

C: Oooh, I will tell you, I’m so excited. 
D: Don’t just name drop songs now.

C: No, no, God. I, we – it’s three songs. You have heard two, cause they’re mine. But we’ve made a completely different setting. And the cover, I got to choose between a few songs…

L: It’s a live concept here in P3, it’s not only airing on radio, it’s recorded and it’s a big thing, it’s well produced and it’s nice and all artists get to do an interpretation.

C: And this interpretation, I – right before I travelled I got a huge feeling, an idea how to remake it and that means some different instruments, it’ll be a guitar cluster, three guitars. A harp, a cello, trumpet, piano.

D: Are you difficult to be around? It sounded l like on your way here…

C: Am I difficult?   D: I thought like “I need… I want harp and guitar cluster give me a– wait…

C: Johannes? Are you here, you have to answer the questions! I mean, I think I can be relatively difficult just because of that, and right now when we prepared I was like I’m thinking we’ll sit in a circle and they’re like no, we can’t sit in a circle, and I was like we have to sit in a circle cause I’ve planned it, you know. So yeah, maybe.

D: But what are you gonna do with all of these instruments? What will we hear?

C: You mean song?

L: The cover, the cover, the cover, the cover!

C: You wanna start with th- no we’re taking that last.

L: Okay.

C: So we’ll start with Fine, that I released half a year ago, the same week as the Mello finale. And then we’ll play Rise, the new single, and the cover is… this is a super bad drum roll, Running Up That Hill.

L: Wooooow, David, it’s Kate Bush!

D: Is it Kate Bush??

L: Soundtrack to Stranger Things, huge, viral song. Wooooow, but you knew that.

D: Yeah, I was just disappointed it wasn’t Woman’s World, but oh well, it’s also good.

C: Did you want to hear that? No, guess what, I’m not good at that type of- you mean, what’s-her-name, Alicia Keys?

D: No, it’s Kate Bush.

C: Oh, Woman’s w- okay now I know I get it.

L: But then it’s “If only youuu make a deal with Goood…”

C: By the way, I need a new backup singer. Can’t you join, if you get the lyrics, ‘cause that was completely wrong, so if I just print the lyrics for you, you can just do it.

L: My people will talk to your people, Cornelia Jakobs.

C: Amazing, Amazing.

D: Is it 11:03?

L: After 11 in P3, right?

C: 11.

D: Cornelia Jakobs.

C: Shit, I’m getting in a hurry, hii, bye!

By: Linnea Wikblad and David Druid
Translation by: Sabina Nilsson Åkö and Li Carstensen

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