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Svensktoppen 60 år – All Cornelia’s performances

A few weeks ago, Cornelia was one of the soloists of Svensktoppen‘s 60 years concerts at Berwaldhallen in Stockholm. She performed some old goodies from the Svensktoppen history alongside the other soloists. “Till dom ensamma” (“To the lonely ones”), “Hold Me Closer”, “Själens skrubbsår” (“The scourge of the soul”), “Händerna mot himlen” (“Hands to the sky”) and “Håll mitt hjärta” (“Hold my heart”). Svensktoppen is the biggest swedish song top list that updates every week. “Hold Me Closer” is one of the songs that has stayed the longest on the list. Well done Cornelia and the team!


“Hold Me Closer” is nominated for an award

Cornelia alongside her co-songwriters Isa Molin and David Zandén of “Hold Me Closer” is nominated for “Song of the year” at Musikförläggarna (“The Music Publishers”) award that takes place at Grand Hotel on November 11.

Musikförläggarna’s Prize is a Swedish music prize that is awarded annually to Swedish songwriters, composers and lyricists. The award was instituted in 2003 by the industry organization Musikförläggarna and aims to highlight and pay attention to the year’s most outstanding Swedish music creators.

(source wikipedia)

The jury’s statement:


Vinnaren i Melodifestivalen blir varje år den kanske tuffast bedömda låten av alla.  Episkt hudlösa ”Hold Me Closer” – skriven av Cornelia Jakobs, David Zandén och Isa Molin – stod upp helt utsökt och belönades efter Eurovision Song Contest som vinnare i kompositörsklassen av The Marcel Bezençon Awards, priset som belönar tävlingens bästa finalbidrag.


The winner of the Melodifestivalen is every year perhaps the hardest judged song of all. Epically skinless “Hold Me Closer” – written by Cornelia Jakobs, David Zandén and Isa Molin – stood up perfectly and was awarded after Eurovision Song Contest as the winner in the composer class of The Marcel Bezençon Awards, the award that rewards the best final entry of the contest.

Thanks Tina for finding this for me!
Source: Musikförläggarna’s Instagram and official website

“Weekend hos Zia” Episode 2 with English subtitles

Last night (October 11), Weekend hos Zia aired on the swedish television channel TV4. It’s basically a tv show where the Swedish singer Oscar Zia and his brother Dante, a chef invites Swedish celebrities to spend a day at their grandfather’s family house in Italy. Cornelia was invited alongside Gert Wingårdh and Nour El-Refai in episode 2. I cut my favorite parts (all Cornelia scenes + a little more) and my dear friend Li Carstensen helped me with translating and I did the subtitling. Watch the cutted version with english subtitles below, and if you’re from Sweden, you can also watch the whole episode on TV4 Play (or if you have a Cmore subscription).

Source: TV4Play

Translated interview from Nyhetsmorgon (08/10)

The translated Nyhetsmorgon interview from October 8 is finally here after a day of hard work. Thanks Alva for your help with translating approx. half the interview and the rest is by myself.

Video: TV4
Translation: Sabina Nilsson Åkö (CJO) and Alva Nilsson


P4 Extra Interview + English Transcript (from 06/10)

Titti Schultz: Cornelia Jakobs barely got out of bed when she had exhaustion syndrome. But then came a spark of light and that turned into the new song ”Rise”. The super hit ”Hold Me Closer” turned her life upside down, and she’s now saying that she is a real detail freak. Maybe that’s where the success comes from. Cornelia Jakobs is the P4 extra guest, and my name is Titti Schultz.

Titti: Winner of Mello, and fourth place in Eurovision, it’s great to have you here! Welcome!

Cornelia: Thank you so much, Titti.

Titti: We’re talking a lot about books. The entire P1 [another radio station] were so excited about the Nobel Prize in literature that was presented. Are you a reader?

Cornelia: No. Unfortunately. I want to be a reader, but that was destroyed for me when the Lord of the Rings came, (the movies). Then I had to read the books before I was allowed to see the movies. I was around eight.

Titti: Who set those rules?

Cornelia: Dad. He was like ”you don’t watch those movies…” and you know, they’re like bricks. And like, four pages describing a mountain. I was so sick of that. So the second they throw the ring in the third book I was like ”I’m not reading another page!”

Titti: Spoilers for those who haven’t read it!!

Cornelia: But no one has missed that the ring is thrown in Mordor, right?

Titti: You never know. Listener might tell us. There are new people getting born all the time.

Cornelia: Oups, sorry!

Titti: I think they’ll forgive you. How much has Melodifestivalen and Eurovision changed your life?

Cornelia: A lot. Super much.

Titti: Fun! We’ll talk about it more later. But now it’s time to listen to your new song that is released tomorrow. It’s called ”Rise”. And while ”Hold Me Closer” came from a darker period of time, and a breakup, when times were tough, this is the opposite.

Cornelia: Yes, it describes the first spark of light when you’ve been in the dark for a longer period of time. The light at the end of the tunnel. And when that first spark comes, it’s so effective because you’re used to the dark. Even if it’s a small spark, it could be blinding and everything seems easier. And that’s the moment we’ve been capturing, especially in the chorus.

Titti: Let’s play it. It’s not releasing until tomorrow, so we’re so happy we get to play it here and now. This is Cornelia Jakobs with brand new music in P4; ”Rise”.

Titti: That was ”Rise”. New music, super new music, even. It barley exists, cause it’s released tomorrow, written by and sung by Cornelia Jakobs who is sitting right here. Now you’ve heard it on live radio, how does it feel?

Cornelia: Insane! But we talked a bit during, so I didn’t really have time to process the feeling.

Titti: You’re trying to recruit me to the Sci-fi world.

Cornelia: No, not Sci-fi. You’re the one who likes Sci-fi. Fantasy! Rings of Power.

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“Fine” and “Rise” Live at “Nyhetsmorgon” (08/10)

This morning (October 8), Cornelia guested the morning show “Nyhetsmorgon” on TV4. She performed the two latest singles “Fine” and “Rise” but also did an interview. You can watch the performances below, stay tuned for the interview translated and subtitled that we will get up asap.


Full livestream from London, UK @ Colours Hoxton (28/9-22)

Last night (September 28), Cornelia had her last concert of this year’s tour at the bar Colours Hoxton in London, UK. The concert was streamed on Dramatix for they who couldn’t be there, the stream was organized by her artist agency Jubel. I was so kind to screen record the whole thing for you. Enjoy! The quality is kinda mixed but it’s still decent though to post.