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Pre-save Cornelia’s new single “Rise” out on October 7th

Cornelia’s releasing her single “Rise” on October 7th and if you pre-save it before 17:00 (CET) on Wednesday, September 28th you’ll get a free access to the live stream of her last show of this tour in London on Wednesday, September 28th at 22:00 (CET). You can pre-save it on this link.

Note: You’ll get an access code and link to the stream sent the email you pre-saved with before the show starts on Wednesday.


Translated article from Ölandsbladet – Cornelia Jakobs ended Kackelstugan’s season exceptionally

Antonio and Berta Manchón travelled all the way from southern Spain to Västra Sörby to see their favorite artist perform. They expected an arena like concert, but were pleasantly surprised by the intimate venue they met at Kackelstugan.

The Melodifestivalen winner and Eurovision star Cornelia Jakobs ended Kackelstugan’s season this Friday. When Sarah Klang’s and Ellen Krauss’ gig on Saturday was cancelled because of illness, Cornelia Jakobs’ sold out indoors gig got to finish off Kackelstugan’s season. A gig that attracted super fans from not only the entire country, but also the rest of Europe.

Over 200 people were gathered in the sweaty indoors barn and the audience’s energy was on top throughout the entire gig. Cornelia has both a wide audience, as well as a tight, loyal group of fans who welcomes her when she, at first seemingly shy and humble, entered the stage.

The concert was divided into two sets. One toned down acoustic set to start slowly. Then she ended the evening with great power and energy, accompanied by an entire band behind her. Already around the second song in the gig’s first set, was the initial shyness gone, and Cornelia does an amazing gig with her incredible voice. A worthy season finale as one of the last artist to perform at Öland in the summer of 2022.

Berta Manchón travelled all the way from south west Spain, 20 kilometers outside Seville, to Västra Sörby and Kackelstugan, together with her dad Antonio Manchón for the Friday concert. A trip that started with a flight to Stockholm, to then continue by train via Linköping to Kalmar and bus to Borgholm. Then they took a taxi to finally arrive at Kackelstugan. Everything to see their big idol Cornelia Jakobs perform on home ground.

“It’s a big opportunity for me and her to take a trip as father and daughter”

– Cornelia is the biggest reason why we came here, but we also get to see a new place. I really like it here, says Berta Manchón.

– It’s a big opportunity for me and her to take a trip as father and daughter, adds Antonio Manchón.

Howcome you started listening to Cornelia Jakobs?

– ­I knew she participated in Melodifestivalen, but I didn’t like her at first. But I hadn’t listened to her song. This year was so big for Spain in Eurovision. For the first time we had a really good song and I was so upset when she was selected because she was a really big competition for us. But then one week after she won Melodifestivalen, I decided to listen to her song and the performance. And I really liked it, says Berta Manchón.

What is it about her music that you like the most?

– The lyrics or course. Also her voice, it’s amazing and so special.

Do you have a favorite song?

– Yes, “Dream Away“. And “Rise“. I think she will perform both today. I’m really looking forward for her performance.

After one night at a hotel in Borgholm, Berta and Antonio will once again get on a train and travel home. This time via Copenhagen, Kastrup.

– It’s amazing and unlikely. I can’t really wrap my head around it, says the organizer, Pelle Alderstam.

– To do a gig with 15000 people on a field or meet one person who comes here with her daughter from Spain, and have been travelling by bus, train and taxi only to see this. This is what it’s all about and it’s what gives me as an organizer the drive to continue with this, he continues.

But Antonio and Berta are not the only ones who travelled far this evening. Six hours before the concert started, a group of fifteen super fans from all around Sweden, were standing and waiting to enter Kackelstugan. They have gotten to know each other on Twitter and other social media platforms, where they have been following Cornelia’s summer tour gig by gig.

– Her music is great and it’s made it possible for me to meet so many nice people. We’re all super huge fans, says Smilla Ohlsson from the group who has organized a meet up for the concert.

– It’s insane, cause none of us would’ve met if it wasn’t for her. We come from all around Sweden and all of us thinks that she is absolutely amazing, adds another one from the group.

During the concert, Berta was united with Smilla and company. In the front row, they were all responsible for the singalong that continued through the entire concert. Cornelia maintained her humility and interacted with the audience throughout the entire concert, and for Berta and Antonio, she translated to English, when she talked between her songs.

By: Joacim Andersson
Translated by: Li Carlstensen
Photo: @liindahb
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Translated article from Aftonbladet – Cornelia Jakobs winning two awards at Rockbjörnen

First, she won Melodifestivalen. Now, she’s winning the awards for the breakthrough of the Year and the Swedish Song of the Year at Rockbjörnen (the Rock Bear 2022).

– Thank you so much, my amazing fans, says Cornelia Jakobs.

Cornelia Jakobs, 30, has won the hearts of the people. Since winning Melodifestivalen and placing fourth in Eurovision Song Contest, the viewers of Aftonbladet have voted.

She is the Breakthrough of the Year 2022.

– Thank you! Really, thank you so much, my amazing fans. I recognize so many of you!

– Thank you so much! Wow, I don’t know what to say, I’m just so damn happy.

Winning two awards

Cornelia Jakobs can celebrate twice at Rockbjörnen. She’s also awarded the Song of the Year for the song that gave her the breakthrough.

– I love you, wow.

“Hold Me Closer” won Melodifestivalen last spring and is now awarded as the Song of the Year at Rockbjörnen.

The song has since its release in March been streamed more than 35 million times on Spotify. “Hold Me Closer” is written by Cornelia Jakobs, Isa Molin and David Zandén.

– It’s something very special with these two for me, because it’s not very easy to just sit in a room with two people and write a song but with them it’s so fun even at times with it’s difficult, says Cornelia in her speech.

The winners of Rockbjörnen are selected by the viewers of Aftonbladet.

By: Linnea Digerstedt
Translated by: Martin Olofsson
Photo: Anders Bardell
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Translated interview with Aftonbladet – Cornelia Jakobs to Rockbjörnen 2022: “Dreamy award show” + photos

The Mello winner Cornelia Jakobs is coming to Rockbjörnen 2022 (the Rock Bear 2022). It’s an excited artist who’s gonna get on the stage on August 18th.

– It’ll be super fun, I love to do live gigs, she says.

This year’s Rockbjörnen is getting closer. 7 awards will be given out on the live show that will be streamed from Gustaf Adolf’s torg in Stockholm, Thursday August 18th.

Cornelia Jakobs has the chance of getting several bears – but she’ll also perform.

– It feels super fun, I’ve been to Rockbjörnen for several years. About 10 years, I think. It’s a super fun event.

She says that Rockbjörnen is something different, and a party unlike anything else.

– It very unique, cause it’s an award show in the middle of the summer. I have so many great summer memories from Rockbjörnen. Many of these award shows are held in like, February, when it’s depressing as hell in this country. This [award show] has so many lovely, fluffy clouds around it. It’s a dreamy award show in that way, she says.

Nominated in three categories

Right in front of the big turquoise couch and the very red dresser in her apartment, Sångfågeln [the Song Bird, the Melodifestivalen trophy] is standing squeezed in the window behind a plant. Next to it is another award. In only a few weeks, there could be way more weight on the window sill. Cornelia could get several prizes at Rockbjörnen.

– It feels amazing to be nominated in three categories and it makes it even nicer to perform at the show, so I can give something back to everyone who’s voted, she says.

Cornelia Jakobs is nominated in the categories song of the year, newcomer of the year and female artist of the year. And even if she obviously wants to get all of them, there’s one award that means more than anything: song of the year.

– This song is very special and important to me, so it might be the one I hope for the most.

Do you have any chance of winning?

– Yes, I think so. It feels like it’s reaching out to a lot of people.

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Translated interview with CA News/Annonsbladet

She was discovered as a 17-year-old by demon producer RedOne, toured with girl bands worldwide and started writing her own. We meet Cornelia Jakobs to talk about the depression, the roots and the magic of Melodifestivalen.

Is it possible to describe the feeling of standing on the Eurovision stage in front of the world’s largest television audience?

– I’m so happy and satisfied and excited by the whole experience. I even think it was 200 million viewers, it’s absolutely absurd, you can’t really understand it when you’re standing there.

You will perform in Ekenäs in August. Have you been to Finland before?

– I was on a promotional trip to Helsinki a few weeks before Eurovision, and we managed to meet a lot of nice people. Then we talked about wanting to come back and play and in August it will happen.

What will the audience get to see?

– It will be high and low in intensity level. A lot of my old songs are more cinematic and floaty. When I wrote those songs I was in the middle of a depression so they have a sound that sounds like what I felt then. I have since come back to my high-energy part of myself. I love playing live and have written many songs just for festival gigs, a bit more rock and roll.

You have your roots in rock music?

– Absolutely, because dad is a rock musician too (Jakob Samuel in the rock band The Poodles, ed. note). I played a lot in different rock bands growing up.

Which are your favorite bands?

– I love Oasis and Cardigans but have also been listening to a lot of older rock such as Deep Purple and Aerosmith.

What do you think of Liam Gallagher‘s new songs?

– I haven’t had time to listen to them all, what I’ve heard is just like Oasis! It’s Liam. I can imagine there are many good ones. What do you think?

He performed in Helsinki in 2019 and it was an amazing gig. Of course, it’s hard to top the songs that Noel Gallagher wrote for Oasis when it started. It was a soundtrack for an entire generation.

– Totally true.

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CJO exclusive interview with Cornelia (Video + Article)

Cornelia Jakobs Online got to speak with Cornelia backstage before her concert at the festival Putte i Parken in Karlstad, Sweden on July 1, 2022. Thank you Cornelia and Jubel for this opportunity.

You have released your own songs as a solo artist since 2018, but which song would you call your favorite and how did the writing process go with that song?

– Such a hard question! My favorite song that I’ve released… in many ways “Hold Me Closer” is a favorite but if I have to choose one besides it, I’d have to say “Locked Into You”, which is one of my favorites. I wonder if it’s because it’s something about that one that gives me a summer and idyllic kind of vibe. I wrote it with a guy called Emil Gustafsson, an ex of mine whom I co-write it with. It came very naturally and he was very good at playing his guitar. I’m pretty sure it came together in, like, the living room. It started there and then we worked on it continually in a studio but it’s something that happened very naturally.

You often mention that “Hold Me Closer” is based on something that happened to you and that “Dream Away” is about a close friend of yours. Do you always write about personal feelings/experiences in your songs?

– Absolutely! It’s either something I’ve experienced myself or that someone I know has experienced. It’s always something that has come to me throughout life. So, absolutely, it’s easier that way! I have a hard time writing or I feel the need to always know the direction or be aware of why I’m writing a certain thing to be able to actually finish the song.

– So yeah, it needs to be something I feel strongly about when I’m writing it.

Your participation in Eurovision has given you the opportunity to go on tour, which is something you have mentioned you love to do. But what is your favorite song to perform live?

– Such a good question! Maybe “Weight of the World” is one of my favorites to play live because there’s such a journey happening throughout the song. It starts off very minimalistic and soft, and then it accelerates during the song. It’s very fun because it’s such a dynamic thing, very high and low. Big and small. So I’d say that’s a favorite of mine.

Speaking of Eurovision, many fans loved the cover videos you recorded with Sam Ryder. Are there any plans to make music collaborations with Sam or another Eurovision artist in the future?

– I would’ve loved to collaborate with another artist, generally I enjoy it more if it happens more naturally. So if you were to meet this person where you feel like “we had a good flow together” and liked each other, and that it comes from the creative process and it comes from a conversation about “should we do this together?” rather than if it were the label telling me “you should do a collab with this artist” and just getting put together with some artist feels unnatural. It doesn’t feel as enjoyable to me in that case!

– But for example, with Sam we said that he is supposed to be coming to Sweden quite soon and it would’ve been fun to write together, and I’m sure I’ll be doing something with Sam. I’m sure it’ll happen with somebody else as well because I really enjoy working with other artists as long as it feels genuine and natural.

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Translated interview with Barometern

After an intense spring with success in the Melodifestivalen and Eurovision, Cornelia Jakobs has not had many days to unwind and land in what has happened. Now she is out on a summer tour, with stops at Latitud 57 and Kackelstugan, among others.

Cornelia Jakobs made a magnificent entrance in Melodifestivalen‘s first competition and managed to get all the way to Eurovision in Turin where she finished fourth. Now she is back in Sweden to go out on the roads and meet the people who supported her all the way to Italy.

– It feels almost unreal to get out and perform again after the pandemic with so many spectators. And to have received that ride from Melodifestivalen and Eurovision as well. It will be an incredible boost and double up when so many new listeners have been added. I get so moved when I see that people sing along to more songs than “Hold Me Closer”, Cornelia says.

What can you absolutely not forget in your tour packing?

– In addition to my gear and my stage clothes, I probably have to say my rings! I feel incredibly naked if I don’t have my rings with me. I have also started with something new that I got tips on during Eurovision, lavender oil. If I feel that I have a headache or need to get down in circles, I usually take it in the temple and under the nose. I don’t know if it is a placebo or not, but I really appreciate it.

Her life got a big change after the victory. Nowadays, she has a packed schedule for a while now. Should fun stuff pop up along the way, she has a hard time saying no, which she considers a luxury problem. But despite the fact that the summer is planned in the smallest detail, Cornelia tries to take advantage of every spare moment to find peace and a chance to relax.

– Right now I can’t really relax, and that may be a bit of a problem. There have been no gaps to relax from time to time. I try to find small moments when I do things that I think are fun. Me and my creative director have sat and pimped stage clothes for the band, among other things. It’s also a job, but it gets creative in a different way for me. It will be a little peaceful to be able to use your hands more, she says.

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Translated interview with NWT

Hello there Cornelia Jakobs, this year’s winner of Melodifestivalen and fourth place in Eurovision.

1. How do you prepare yourself for a gig?

– I like to put on make-up. I usually put on make-up for myself in front of the TV and stage, it’s a nice moment for myself that feels meditative.

2. Do you have an artist rider? What’s on it?

– Yes, I think all artists have. I want aloe vera drink and kombucha, it’s nice for the throat before singing. And then there will always be GTs that we want to mix ourselves after the gig and unwind.

3. What are your must-have products?

– My rings! I need my rings. I’m crazy, I have maybe 20 on me. I like silver and my favorite ring is a smiley made by my friend Anna Mathilda who makes her own rings.

4. What are you listening to right now?

– Right now I’m playing a song on repeat over and over again to calm down: “House of the Rising Sun” by alt-J. It’s incredible! I listened to the song the entire flight home from Eurovision in Italy, it’s very meditative.

5. Meditative you say, do you usually meditate?

– I try, sometimes I do it, I think it’s a very nice moment. I usually listen to guided meditations. I have used the Calm app a lot for that.

6. Which app do you use most on your phone?

Blocket. Which is very random because I have very little time to go and buy things. But I do it when I need a break from the work brain and I’m obsessed with interior design. I look at beautiful things there, it calms me down. I find peace in looking at Blocket, haha…

7. What would you do with 1,000,000 right now?

– It’s not really enough for a house, but at least a bank loan for a house. So I would probably buy a small house outside the city by a lake. And I would build my own studio in the house

8. You turned 30 earlier this year, how was it?

– It was so awesome, I love getting older! But it was also in the middle of the “deltävlingar” of Melodifestivalen, so I didn’t notice it. I’m thinking of having a celebration now instead with a 20s party with a swing theme. I like the music, the style and so on from that time.

9. Mention a big life dream you have?

– I would like to have a house in northern Italy. I love Italy and especially the north, it is so green and beautiful there and there are nice lakes. I want a house with a studio built inside so that I can work 50 percent from there.

10. You have a nice hairstyle, how do you style it?

– Thank you, I’m happy you said that. I love short hair, the shorter the merrier, it’s so damn nice to have it short. I’m lucky that the hairstyle takes care of itself. I usually just wash it, let it dry itself and then parted in the middle.

Interview by Nea Liljegren/NWT
Photo by Lisa Olaison
Translation by Sabina/Cornelia Jakobs Online