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Cornelia live on phone at RIX MorronZoo + English Transcript (30/05)

RIX MorronZoo called Cornelia this morning on May 30 for a short interview since it got announced she’s gonna be at RIX FM Festival this summer. The dates when Cornelia’s joining are not out yet, I’ll update asap when they are released.

Transcript of the interview:
R: Hold on! Cornelia Jakobs is going with us this summer and we have Cornelia on the line. Hello.
C: Hey, hello good morning.
R: How are you?
C: I said it first.
R: Well, it’s Monday. To be a Monday, it’s good.
O: I’m good because now we know you’ll be with us at RIX FM Festival.
C: Oh how happy I get to hear that Laila. It’s going to be a lot of fun.
R: Hold on Cornelia, Laila is home and sick today. That was Olivia.
C: Sorry Olivia!
O: No worries!
C: I hope Laila gets well soon because she is going to festival.
R: Have you recovered since Eurovision?
C: Damn. But it’s so much fun happening, it’s a lot and I don’t know there will be like some small waves. Yesterday I was at Mother’s Day dinner and then someone mentioned something… and then it struck me god what I have been through?
R: It felt like you came home from Italy and wanted to lie a little low.
C: It was probably mostly because I needed to sleep for two days then I went into a rehearsal room.
R: Oh.
C: Yes, I have started the summer tour.
R: Right.
C: So it was straight into that bubble.
O: But how fun!
C: And a bit to go back to how life is after Eurovision, it’s a hell of a lot of work. Yes it is a different type of job you would say.
O: I’m also a little curious about, is there a creation of new songs that we’ll get hear soon?
C: Well, Olivia, it does. There are so many songs and some of them I’m singing on the tour, but we try to complete what is next and then comes an album. Are you coming to Grönan on Friday?
R: Absolutely!
C: Do you do that?
R: Yes, yes, yes.
C: Oh, how fun!
R: It will be 30 degrees and sun as well.
C: Are you kidding?
R: No I was joking but I hope so anyway.
O: It can feel like 30 degrees and sun.
R: Yes, but what what relation do you have this with touring life, do you like it?
C: Oh, I love it. It’s live, playing live is what I live for. I think it is completely magical and that’s my form of therapy.
O: And now you’re allowed to do it at RIX FM Festival, how does it feel?
C: Yes, it’s going to be so damn fun, are you coming too?
R + O: Yes.
C: How fun!
R: We will definitely come and do you have a list of requirements with you?
C: Yes, I just want home-baked coconut balls and it must be from someone’s mother.
R: From someone… I’ll call my mom today and check. Coconut balls, is it anything more?
C: Yes we’ll see, can I send by email?
R: Yes, absolutely but coconut balls are a good start I think, absolutely. Have a fantastic… Have a fantastic Monday, Cornelia. See you on the roads this summer then.
C: Yes, we do. Have a wonderful time.
R: Kisses and hugs!
C: Kisses and hugs!
R: Cornelia Jakobs who joins us this summer at RIX FM Festival. Go to where there’s more information about our tour this summer.

Concerts Gallery Updates Summer Tour 2022

Photos from the Summer Tour at Pumpen (28/05)

Cornelia’s summer tour continued to Pumpen in Södra Vi, Sweden on May 28. I’ve found a couple of photos (11 photos) from the the concert, which you can find in the gallery. Credit to the owners are written below the thumbnails/photos in the gallery.


Translated Interview with Vimmerby Tidning

Eurovision may be over, but for Cornelia Jakobs, the success has only just begun.

Cornelia Jakobs is a professional at her fingertips. A few weeks ago, it was the final of Eurovision, in which she came in an honorable fourth place. And recently, it was time for a concert at Pumpen in Södra Vi. Jakobs gave her everything in front of the assembled fans. It was impressive to see and hear Jakobs and her band perform her timeless pop music with such commitment.

When Jakobs and the band ended the concert with the Eurovision entry “Hold Me Closer”, it was really like the crown of an already impressive work: Cornelia Jakobs is an artist with strong integrity and talent, and it permeates every song.

– I come from the live scene. This is where my heart lies, says Jakobs when VT meets her after the concert. The songs have to work well live. I also always write about my own experiences. There must be things that I feel are real, otherwise I see no point in singing about them.

Cornelia Jakobs grew up in a musical family (her father is Jakob Samuel from the band The Poodles) and it has meant a lot to her.

– An early experience that influenced me was to hear Annelie Rydé’s version of “Sånt är livet”. I began singing it at my dad’s concerts. It was something that aroused strong emotions in me: to express them with a band.

– The music has never been foisted on me, rather the opposite. You have to do this for your own sake, and I’m thankful to have that with me.

After working hard as an indie musician, must it have been revolutionary to be a part of the Eurovision circus?

– It doesn’t matter how many people are in the audience, you do your best all the time. Those who are there should have the same experience, whether they are 30 or 30,000. There were several in the audience tonight who sang along to every single song, and it touched me.

– I feel that I’m in the right place and that I’m honest and transparent, Jakobs concludes. I do things because I like them myself, and that’s always important. But it’s incredibly fun that it’s going well now, and that’s a bonus.

Article and photo by Carl Abrahamsson/Vimmerby Tidning
Translation by Sabina/Cornelia Jakobs Online
Concerts Gallery Updates Summer Tour 2022

Photos from the Summer Tour Premiere at Furuviksparken (21/05)

Cornelia’s summer tour started off at the zoo and amusement park called Furuviksparken in Gävle, Sweden on May 21. I’ve found a couple of photos (20 photos) from the premiere, which you can find in the gallery. Credit to the owners are written below the thumbnails/photos in the gallery. I might add more photos if I find some that could fit to upload.


Cornelia is now on Twitter + Noticed the site

Cornelia is now on Twitter, her username is @JakobsCornelia. She discovered this website last night on Twitter. I’m still in shock after last night. I’m so grateful to Cornelia and the fans who visit the site. The site wouldn’t be updated without your support. As Cornelia now knows about the site, I’m more motivated to keep working on it. I’ll be here for you all until the motivation fades, which I hope won’t happen for a long time.

Announcements Eurovision

“Hold Me Closer” won a “Marcel Bezençon Award”

“Hold Me Closer” was one of the winners of this year’s Marcel Bezençon Awards 2022 during Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Marcel Bezençon Awards is an annual mini award show with three awards named after Marcel Bezençon (the creator of Eurovision Song Contest). The composers, press, commentors voted on by all of the participating composers at this year’s Contest. Cornelia, Isa Molin and David Zandén was presented as this year’s winners of the Composer Award.

Eurovision Tv-Preformances

“Hold Me Closer” live at “Eurovision 2022” Grand Final

Last Saturday (May 14), it was time for the Eurovision 2022 grand final. All Swedes were so proud of Cornelia for placing fourth in the final scoreboard, and the jury’s second. Even though we hoped for a victory, but it’s Sweden’s best placing in Eurovision since Måns Zelmerlöw won back in 2015. Good job Cornelia and the whole Swedish delegation! It has been a pleasure to follow your journey in Turin.

I know this post is late but I spent hours on translations and stuff that took my time. I also added photos from the broadcast in the gallery. If you want to check them out!

Eurovision Interviews

Translated Interview with GP

Three important routines – and a quote from the skating champion Nils van der Poel – that’s what Cornelia Jakobs takes with her before Saturday’s Eurovision final to find the same feeling as in the semi-final.

– I don’t remember anything from the stage. It was just a white light and then I know it went well.

Cornelia Jakobs is finally in the final. Acclaimed by many but without carrying the absolute favorite. Together with Italy and the United Kingdom, Sweden can sneak behind Ukraine.

It suits Cornelia Jakobs. The competition is one thing. But for her, the focus is on the balance between work and recovery.

– My inner performance person wants to think that I’m a superwoman who can work really hard and say yes to everything, but that’s not the case. I get exhausted and then I don’t work.

Cornelia Jakobs has previously told about the way back from her fatigue depression and about the importance of recovery. But when she’s working, then it’s full speed.

At the press conference after the semi-final, she exclaimed “I get to sleep when I’m dead” and when the draw for the running order in the final was to be at the same time, she wrestled down the Italian presenter in a sudden whim of improvisational theater.

Met the Swedish media at night

When Thursday passed on Friday, Cornelia Jakobs is still in a trance and bounces down on a sofa to meet Swedish journalists. She tries to sum up the happiness of having grazed the semi-final, everything else would have been disappointing, and to now recharge before Saturday’s final.

– I’m satisfied with my performance even if I don’t remember it immediately afterwards. Then I know that I’ve been completely inside the feeling. I remember the first two phrases, when I put my voice to it, and then it’s just like a white light. That’s where I want to be, she explains.

Almost twenty relatives and friends will be on place for the final, but Cornelia Jakobs, who has been in Turin for two weeks, stays in the bubble and tries to stay focused. To improve the chances of winning, but mostly for the sake of her own health.

– It’s actually a pretty simple and absolutely natural thing for me to be on stage and sing this song. It’s life outside that’s the bigger challenge, Cornelia Jakobs told GP a few days earlier.

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Eurovision Tv-Preformances

“Hold Me Closer” live at “Eurovision 2022” 2nd Semi-Final

Last night (May 12), it was finally time for Cornelia to show Europe how talented she is and how good her song is on the second semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2022. She made it to the grand final tomorrow, I’m so proud of her! It would been a disaster if she didn’t qualify after how good she delivered. All the technological problems she had with the Italian team during the rehearsals to this. I want to give an applause to the broadcaster RAI for fixing the problems.