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Translated Interview with Expressen (Text and Video)

After months of preparing, Cornelia Jakobs has landed in Turin for the Eurovision Song Contest.
On Thursday, she takes the stage to compete for a place in Saturday’s grand final.
To Expressen, the artist spoke about the phone ban, the support on place from both best friends and boyfriend and the feeling of being one of the competition’s big favorites.

– I understand that now it’s expected that I’ll eventually win here, says Cornelia.

It has been almost two months since Melodifestivalen victory. When Expressen talks to Cornelia Jakobs, 30, she’s sitting in her hotel room in Turin, where preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest are in full swing.

– There’s so much love and energy. It doesn’t really feel like a competition. I met Chanel (Spain’s contribution) down in the lobby and it just feels like a school trip type. I think that is really nice, says Cornelia.

On Thursday night, she takes the stage in Turin during the second semifinal and hopes to qualify to Saturday’s grand final.

“Hope people still vote”

But even before the start of the competition, Cornelia is one of the big favorites to take it all home.

– So far it has felt like such a compliment and I feel very honored and just grateful and happy that my artistry has reached outside Sweden as well. I have received such incredibly nice treatment and support from all possible angles, she says and continues:

Do you feel any pressure to be a favorite?

– I understand the pressure, but I doesn’t feel it and it’s really nice. I understand that now it’s expected that I will eventually win here and you know nothing about that until you’re there. Voting you never know anything about in advance, it has happened before that favorites haven’t won or even reached the top three.

But it also comes with some concern.

– I hope that people don’t think that “we don’t need to vote for her because she is the favorite so I vote for my number two”. Hope that people still vote.

During Melodifestivalen, Cornelia left her phone to avoid thinking about opinions, comments and odds lists.
Before the semi-final, she does the same, a trick to be able to focus.

– Most things are really nice stuff, but that’s exactly what you don’t want to be reminded of, the whole world outside. I think it’s positive to feel that you’re in a bubble, to take in that there are 200 million people watching and how big it’s. It can be damn difficult and can take away the focus from what I have to do. It’s better that I feel that here we’re in our little bubble and not be so reminded of the world outside.

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Eurovision Various Performances

Cornelia and Sam Ryder’s hotel lobby jamming

Cornelia and the Eurovision competitor from the UK, Sam Ryder, posted two TikTok videos earlier this afternoon (May 10) of themselves singing “Hold Me Closer” and “Spaceman”. Sam is one my favorites to win after Cornelia, so to get a duet with them is a dream come true. I got goosebumps! I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Cornelia performing live at “Eurovision Village 2022”

Last night on May 9, Cornelia performed a few songs live at the Eurovision Village in Parco del Valentino, Turin, Italy. Thanks to bellamarcella for recording all videos for us that couldn’t be there. I have posted photos in the gallery. You can find the link the album down in this post, to be updated when I find more.


Translated interview with QX

“I’m still on cloud nine, and scared that somebody will wake me up,” Mello winner Cornelia Jacobs said two weeks after she won. Now, The ESC week has finally begun.

Nearly two months have passed since Cornelia Jakobs raised the songbird in Friends Arena after winning Melodifestivalen 2022. The song has topped Spotify, Sverigetoppen and Svensktoppen, and is clearly third in the odds before the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. “Hold Me Closer” is also historic as it’s the first Mello winner to have two women on the work (plus David Zandén): Cornelia, and best friend Isa Molin (whose father Bobby Ljunggren has co-written five winners: “Se på mig”, “Kärleken är”, “Evighet”, “Hero” och “This is My Life”).

Cornelia Jakobs being the winner of Melodifestivalen 2022 could hardly be predicted from the odds before the competition started: “Hold Me Closer” gave 57 times as much money in January! Before the final, the newly 30 year-old had enchanted Sweden during the first semi-final in the Globe (Avicii Arena) on February 5th. Being the big favorite, however, failed to intimidate her.

– Throughout this trip, I didn’t try to think so much about the competition aspect. For me, it was about enjoying the journey, and performing the song as well as possible. I wanted to be in my bubble and focus on my performance, otherwise I would have been stressed and nervous. So my right hand Celia was taking care of my phone all the time, so I didn’t read anything, says Cornelia from a taxi seat when we finally manage to sync time into her hectic schedule to talk.

“Hold Me Closer” was written after, and about, Cornelia’s latest breakup with her ex-boyfriend. Cornelia, Isa Molin, with whom she has been best friends for seventeen years, and David Zandén, with whom she worked with three years ago, were seen in a studio and immediately clicked. But Sweden’s 62nd Mello winner sounded different in the beginning.

– Yes, “Hold Me Closer” was another song after the first day. The chords were the same, but the melody was different. We were really happy, but the next day we felt we wanted to redo the chorus. And when we did that, we felt that it didn’t fit with the bridge and the verse, so then we redid them as well. So yes, it became a brand new song.

The trio’s collaboration has continued and there are about ten songs ready for an upcoming album.

– It’s so fun to write with Isa and David because no one gives up until it’s really good. We are all perfectionists and detail freaks.

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Photos from Eurovision Opening Ceremony Turquoise Carpet (May 8)

The Venaria Reale, a castle in Turin, Italy, was the venue/location of yesterday’s (May 8) Eurovision 2022 opening ceremony and the turquoise carpet. The sheer dress Cornelia wore looked stunning on her. No one would’ve rocked this outfit better than Cornelia. Check out the gallery for pictures from the carpet. The album will likely be updated frequently if new photos are posted during the day.


Eurovision Opening Ceremony Turquoise Carpet Live Stream (May 8)

The live stream from the Eurovision 2022 Opening Ceremony Turquoise Carpet starts at 16:00 CEST tonight. The carpet is placed at The Venaria Reale in Turin, Italy this year. A very beautiful place from what I have seen on social media. Cornelia is planned to arrive between 18:00-18:30. Watch the live stream below!

Eurovision Pre-Parties

“Hold Me Closer” Live at “Wiwi Jam at Home 2022”

Last night on May 7, the famous Eurovision blog Wiwibloggs hosted a pre-party called “Wiwi Jam at Home” with pre-recorded performances. Cornelia is one of this year’s contestants that was included. She recorded a special performance of “Hold Me Closer” at the A-House in Stockholm. Fun fact, although the interior of the building is very aesthetic for photography, its exterior has won a public vote as the ugliest building in Stockholm.

Her performance is an extended version of the song with a beautiful ending. Everything about this performance is so well-made. Huge credit to Cornelia’s friend Celia Caap, who’s the choreographer of this. She created this performance together with Cornelia. They should use A-House for a future music video for any of Cornelia’s songs (perhaps an unreleased one?). Don’t you think?

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Cornelia’s Second Rehearsal at PalaOlimpico (May 6)

Cornelia had her second rehearsal on stage at the arena PalaOlimpico in Turin, Italy on May 6. She had massive of tech issues like the microphone and her in-ears but she seem to be doing okay in the clip except that she looks a bit tired, but it’s understandable with the issues she had. Hopefully the production crew can fix the issues before her dress rehearsals and live broadcast show next week.


Cornelia’s Press Conference on May 6

After Cornelia’s late rehearsal on the big Eurovision stage on May 6, she headed to the place where her second press conference was held. She got asked many interesting questions that makes it worth to watch the whole thing. You can watch it below! And you can find some photos from the press conference in the gallery!