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Translated Interview with Dagens Industri: “I have always had a financial concern”

Cornelia Jakobsdotter Samuelsson is used to live on little money. She won Melodifestivalen with a simple stage decor, stage clothes from H&M and a ring she bought when she was six years old. She is competing in Eurovision Song Contest next week.

There are old radios in every room in your home, how come?

– It started during my fatigue depression, when I couldn’t be creative in the music because it was all about performance. My home has always looked like a bombshell, so I started visiting my local second hand store every day and fixed one small corner at a time. It opened a door that I’ll have to be careful with, because I’m crazy about second hand furniture. I want to say that I’ve got it under control, but it may also be my lack of money that has been the limitation. And radios are so beautiful. I’m now looking for an electronic organ, a Philicorda, but they’re very difficult to get hold of.

There is very little written about you apart from the Mello participation and that your father is Jakob Samuel from The Poodles. Do you feel that there are sides of you that are never allowed to come out?

– I have probably been quite shy in front of the public space and it probably came after the last time I was on Melodifestivalen. I was 19 then and everything was very controlled. It became uncomfortable, with many strong wills that wanted something from me.

Considering the history that you have quite recently had a fatigue depression, how was it like to throw yourself on the carousel again and now Eurovision?

– I’ve always had many, strong feelings, and it has many times gone into clinch with the outside world, so I have felt a lot of shame about it while growing up. But now I’ve an amazing psychologist. Among the first things he said was “Whatever you feel is okay”. For me it was almost a shock and I had to work on not pushing away the emotions but rather affirm them, because they tell me where my boundaries go. I had a lot of anxiety before Mello, but as soon as I got to the arena in the semi-finals it disappeared completely. I understood that there are other people who’re good at what I’m bad at – to plan the practical stuff.

Where does your glittery stage top with the long rhinestone straps come from?

– All the clothes on and off stage have come from my mom’s closet. She’s a pattern designer at H&M and can always buy home samples cheaply. It has saved me all my years as a stage artist, because I haven’t been able to afford to buy stage clothes. That top comes from a studio collection and is a few years old, but mom sewed on a little extra rhinestones and now it belongs with the song.

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Translated Interview with Dagens Nyheter (Text and Video)

They have gone to the same school, they have cried and danced to the same songs, they have supported each other when life is tough. Together they wrote a song about a break-up that made the whole of Sweden sing along. On May 12, the best friends Cornelia Jakobs and Isa Molin will compete in the Eurovision Song Contest.

– Music is our life.

– Yes, it’s about 80 percent of one’s life and identity.

There is no doubt about what the music means to Cornelia Jakobs and Isa Molin. The artists and songwriters have had music as the common thread in their lives for as long as they can remember. And sometimes those threads have been intertwined in an unusually successful way. As when, a little over a year ago, they decided to write a song together for the Melodifestivalen.

– I said that I was thinking of sending something and Isa immediately said that she wanted to try to write a song with me, Cornelia says when we meet the friends in the artist’s bright southern suburban apartment.

They have collaborated before, but not as goal-oriented as now – partly because they have moved in different directions musically.

– Isa is more poppy and loves synths while I’m more indie and rock and like a bit “strange” things. As a songwriter, Isa is the effective one who works with repetitions and frames, says Cornelia.

– But we have the same aspiration in our creation and what we want is to be touched, says Isa.

Cornelia realized that it was a good idea to include the more organized friend in a project where frames are the prerequisite. But when the music creation was about to start, they were in a pretty bad condition and anything but effective. On the same day, they had arranged a meeting with a third songwriter, David Zandén.

– We had sat and written until late, the night before. I was sad and tired due to heartache, Isa says.

Cornelia was in a stormy off and on relationship and they considered canceling the meeting. But after a run, they decided to give it a try anyway. Combining the three songwriters turned out to be a creative stroke of luck. The evening ended in a hilarious “late night cava session” and a poppy uptempo song. But the next day, Isa thought the chorus was not Cornelia enough.

– So we saw each other again and sat for hours and wrote. “Hold Me Closer” chorus finally came to life, then a new verse and parts of the lyrics in a few minutes. The story of a break-up only grew naturally, Cornelia says.

The result is a song that Cornelia loves and is touched by herself. Something that was also noticed when she performed with “Hold Me Closer” on Melodifestivalen. The song not only became a clear winner of the Swedish final, it’s at the time of writing third on the betting list for which song is predicted to win the entire Eurovision.

– I think people feel that Cornelia tells a story that she has experienced, that it’s genuine, and that many recognize themselves, Isa says.

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Eurovision Interviews

Translated Interview with Aftonbladet

The first rehearsal was not spot on.
Instead, it became her downfall.

– It was at several moments that I started laughing out loud because it was new stuff that happened and I fell over my dot, says Cornelia Jakobs.

Cornelia Jakobs, 30, has taken the big circle from her number in Melodifestivalen, or the dot as she calls it, to Eurovision Song Contest.

On Tuesday evening, it was time for the first rehearsal in Turin, which was closed for externals.

– It went really well! We got three times to sing through the song, just like in Mello, and then things always happen, she says afterwards.

With a completely new arena and stage also comes some changes in the number. And with the dot.

– It was at several moments that I started laughing because it was new stuff that happened and I fell over my dot. They have made sure to make even better mechanics to it and then the foot has become a little thicker, which I am not used to, so I fell on it and started laughing and missed a few phrases. But all in all, it has felt so heavenly fun and good and you just have to learn this new stage that looks very different and new details.

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Cornelia’s First Rehearsal Day – Social Media Footage

Yesterday (May 3), Cornelia had her first rehearsal in the Eurovision arena. In this post, I’ve collected some footage from social media from that day. I’ll update this post if my dream team from a group chat find more than these. If you come from the homepage click on continue reading which you’ll find further down in the post to see more than just two videos.

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Cornelia’s First Rehearsal at PalaOlimpico (May 3)

Cornelia had her first rehearsal on stage at the arena PalaOlimpico in Turin, Italy on May 3. It seems like they didn’t changed so much from her Melodifestivalen performance, which I think is very good. In this post you’ll find content from the rehearsal like the official pictures from EBU. Click on the links in the gallery links box to come to more photos in the gallery.

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Translated Interview with TT: “I’ll enjoy every minute”

Cornelia Jakobs is in Turin for Eurovision. Two intense weeks await inside the competition bubble and Jakobs plans to enjoy every moment.

We’re talking about how to say “I would like a lake to splash in” in Italian, says Cornelia Jakobs on the phone from a roasting airport bus in Munich where she has made a stopover.

With her on the trip, she has an entourage with, among others, creative director, voice coach and press person – and then boyfriend David Zandén, who is also her songwriting partner together with Isa Molin.

– It means a lot and so heavenly safe to have some of my closest friends, it feels like my family.

Since she won Melodifestivalen in March, it has been in full swing.

– It has been a storm, as Carola would have said. Hectic, dizzying and very new. It has been a completely different type of pressure and tough schedule.

Gets calm by the fans

But all the appreciation she gets and all the new fans make her strong.

– There is so much support from Sweden and from all over Europe that I get so incredibly much energy from. It is a completely new type of support and it feels both uplifting and soothing. I feel safe that I have been myself and done my own thing and have received so much love for it.

The winning song “Hold me closer” is about a painful break from a relationship, and she has noticed that the theme seems to hit the hearts of listeners even outside Sweden’s borders.

– People come from Brazil and Lithuania and all sorts of countries and say the same thing. “Why did you have to write a song about me and my relationship?” Everyone has the feeling that the song about them. We are so fucking equal, it doesn’t matter where you are from.

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Cornelia from Arlanda Airport on “Nyhetsmorgon” (May 2) – English Subtitles

Cornelia spoke with the Swedish morning show “Nyhetsmorgon” live from the airport Arlanda in Stockholm this morning on May 2nd. Cornelia and her team are finally on the way to Turin and Eurovision to prepare for her first stage rehearsal tomorrow. I translated the interview into English for you all! Watch the interview with English subtitles below.

Credit: TV4

“Hold Me Closer” Live at “HLF8”

Last night (April 28), Cornelia made a small appearance on the Dutch talk show HLF8. She performed her song “Hold Me Closer”. I managed to get the performance thanks to my friend. You can watch the performance below.

Thumbnail by: HLF8