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“Hold Me Closer” live at “QX Gaygala” (Instagram footage + Professional Photos)

After Cornelia did her performance at the Unicef Gala “Världens viktigaste kväll – och roligaste” on April 25, she performed her song again at the year’s “QX Gaygala”. The tv-version of the QX Gaygala airs on Friday April 29, TV4 at 21.30. But there’s footage on instagram from her performance that I can share with you until we get the tv-performance in a few days. And some professional photos that I have uploaded into the gallery. Thanks nordicxlullaby and edvinrydingarchives for sharing some of the stuff with me.

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“Hold Me Closer” Live at “Världens viktigaste kväll – och roligaste” (Unicef Benefit Gala)

Last night (April 25), Cornelia was very busy, she performed at two places on the same evening. She performed her song “Hold Me Closer” at the Unicef TV-Gala “Världens viktigaste kväll – och roligaste” and the QX Gaygala. You can watch her performance at the Unicef Gala below. It’s gonna be a separate post about the Gaygala.

Source: CMore/TV4
Eurovision Interviews

Cornelia’s Lithuania Promotional Visit

Cornelia did a promotional visit in Lithuania yesterday (April 22) to promote her participation in Eurovision on May 12. She met the former Lithuanian Eurovision group The Roop and stopped by a radio station called Radiocentras.

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Announcements Eurovision

Cornelia’s Preliminary Eurovision Schedule

The preliminary timetable with the rehearsals and meet and greets/press conferences is published on the official Eurovision website. Cornelia has her first rehearsal on stage on the 3rd of May at 16:00-16:30. Her meet and greet is at 18:00-18:20. Her second rehearsal is on the 6th of May at 14:45-15:05.  And lastly, the press conference at 15:55-16:15.

The opening cermony takes place at Palace of Venaria on Sunday the 8th of May.

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Concerts Eurovision Pre-Parties Various Performances

“Hold Me Closer” Live at PrePartyES 2022

Cornelia performed her song “Hold Me Closer” at the PrePartyES 2022 that took place in Madrid on April 16. This was the last Eurovision pre-party with audience before the big event in Turin on May 12. Cornelia still has two more stops on the pre-parties tour which only are online events with no audience.

Find more photos in the gallery! Photos taken by Álvaro de las Heras for

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