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Translated interview with Aftonbladet – Cornelia Jakobs to Rockbjörnen 2022: “Dreamy award show” + photos

The Mello winner Cornelia Jakobs is coming to Rockbjörnen 2022 (the Rock Bear 2022). It’s an excited artist who’s gonna get on the stage on August 18th.

– It’ll be super fun, I love to do live gigs, she says.

This year’s Rockbjörnen is getting closer. 7 awards will be given out on the live show that will be streamed from Gustaf Adolf’s torg in Stockholm, Thursday August 18th.

Cornelia Jakobs has the chance of getting several bears – but she’ll also perform.

– It feels super fun, I’ve been to Rockbjörnen for several years. About 10 years, I think. It’s a super fun event.

She says that Rockbjörnen is something different, and a party unlike anything else.

– It very unique, cause it’s an award show in the middle of the summer. I have so many great summer memories from Rockbjörnen. Many of these award shows are held in like, February, when it’s depressing as hell in this country. This [award show] has so many lovely, fluffy clouds around it. It’s a dreamy award show in that way, she says.

Nominated in three categories

Right in front of the big turquoise couch and the very red dresser in her apartment, Sångfågeln [the Song Bird, the Melodifestivalen trophy] is standing squeezed in the window behind a plant. Next to it is another award. In only a few weeks, there could be way more weight on the window sill. Cornelia could get several prizes at Rockbjörnen.

– It feels amazing to be nominated in three categories and it makes it even nicer to perform at the show, so I can give something back to everyone who’s voted, she says.

Cornelia Jakobs is nominated in the categories song of the year, newcomer of the year and female artist of the year. And even if she obviously wants to get all of them, there’s one award that means more than anything: song of the year.

– This song is very special and important to me, so it might be the one I hope for the most.

Do you have any chance of winning?

– Yes, I think so. It feels like it’s reaching out to a lot of people.

“Oh, I love Pride”

The evening before we meet, Cornelia Jakobs has been performing at the big stage at Stockholm Pride, which is not only a cool experience, it also gave some nostalgia.

– I actually had my very first gig as Cornelia Jakobs at Pride six years ago, she says.

“Tend to get anxiety”

Cornelia Jakobs’ big breakthrough came with Melodifestivalen 2022. But the huge happiness and thankfulness around the fans has been mixed with difficult feelings and anxiety.

– I really care about seeing the people that I meet. I’ve always been that way. If I at some point have been a bit absent, I tend to get anxiety. And it’s become difficult since the amount of people I see during a day has escalated so quickly, it’s impossible to see everyone, she says.

Comeback in Mello?

Soon Cornelia Jakobs’ international tour will start and after that she’ll release singles and finishing an album. But she hasn’t gotten much further in her planning. Whether or not she’ll return to Melodifestivalen is up to time to tell, but it won’t be happening anytime soon.

– Never say never. It’s about the most fun thing I’ve ever done. It’s really so much fun, and you do want to have fun. But if you’ve won once, you’ll have to back off a little, she says.


By: Elmer Rikner
Translated by: Li Carstensen
Photo: Stefan Jerrevång

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