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The first rehearsal was not spot on.
Instead, it became her downfall.

– It was at several moments that I started laughing out loud because it was new stuff that happened and I fell over my dot, says Cornelia Jakobs.

Cornelia Jakobs, 30, has taken the big circle from her number in Melodifestivalen, or the dot as she calls it, to Eurovision Song Contest.

On Tuesday evening, it was time for the first rehearsal in Turin, which was closed for externals.

– It went really well! We got three times to sing through the song, just like in Mello, and then things always happen, she says afterwards.

With a completely new arena and stage also comes some changes in the number. And with the dot.

– It was at several moments that I started laughing because it was new stuff that happened and I fell over my dot. They have made sure to make even better mechanics to it and then the foot has become a little thicker, which I am not used to, so I fell on it and started laughing and missed a few phrases. But all in all, it has felt so heavenly fun and good and you just have to learn this new stage that looks very different and new details.

Ukraine is predicted to win

During the Melodifestivalen, Cornelia Jakobs avoided checking the odds – something she hasn’t managed to do now in Eurovision.

Sweden and Cornelia Jakobs’ “Hold me closer” is currently third, after the host country Italy and Ukraine.

– It’s very fun that it looks like that. But I will probably at least next week, just like during Mello, take a little phone break. Mainly because it takes so much focus. You start reading, then you start thinking so much about the competition itself and yes… it’s just so unnecessary.

There are many who believe that Ukraine will win because of the war, how are your thoughts there?

– I have no idea, it’s very difficult to predict but I think it’s very cool and brave of Ukraine to stand up and be involved. They have my full support. It will be as it is, if it is, I will understand and respect it. I don’t know how people vote, whether it’s political or musical, it’s certainly very different, but personally I think that Ukraine’s song is very good. Ukraine usually has very odd stuff and they have continued with it. It’s so odd and weird and crazy that it’s getting so awesome I think. So I would have understood if they won regardless.

Head of Delegation: “A lot left to work on”

The Swedish Head of delegation Lotta Furebäck says about the first rehearsal:

– It went well, but of course there is a lot left to work on, both with light and with the picture. Especially the picture, to bring out Cornelia’s nerve and closeness. It’s important that there aren’t too big and bushy pictures, you really want that closeness, especially in the first part of the song. But this is always the case during the first rehearsal, that there are things to work on and we will do that. We will work all the way to the end.

Interview by Natalie Demirian/Aftonbladet
Translated by
Photo by EBU/Nathan Reinds

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