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After an intense spring with success in the Melodifestivalen and Eurovision, Cornelia Jakobs has not had many days to unwind and land in what has happened. Now she is out on a summer tour, with stops at Latitud 57 and Kackelstugan, among others.

Cornelia Jakobs made a magnificent entrance in Melodifestivalen‘s first competition and managed to get all the way to Eurovision in Turin where she finished fourth. Now she is back in Sweden to go out on the roads and meet the people who supported her all the way to Italy.

– It feels almost unreal to get out and perform again after the pandemic with so many spectators. And to have received that ride from Melodifestivalen and Eurovision as well. It will be an incredible boost and double up when so many new listeners have been added. I get so moved when I see that people sing along to more songs than “Hold Me Closer”, Cornelia says.

What can you absolutely not forget in your tour packing?

– In addition to my gear and my stage clothes, I probably have to say my rings! I feel incredibly naked if I don’t have my rings with me. I have also started with something new that I got tips on during Eurovision, lavender oil. If I feel that I have a headache or need to get down in circles, I usually take it in the temple and under the nose. I don’t know if it is a placebo or not, but I really appreciate it.

Her life got a big change after the victory. Nowadays, she has a packed schedule for a while now. Should fun stuff pop up along the way, she has a hard time saying no, which she considers a luxury problem. But despite the fact that the summer is planned in the smallest detail, Cornelia tries to take advantage of every spare moment to find peace and a chance to relax.

– Right now I can’t really relax, and that may be a bit of a problem. There have been no gaps to relax from time to time. I try to find small moments when I do things that I think are fun. Me and my creative director have sat and pimped stage clothes for the band, among other things. It’s also a job, but it gets creative in a different way for me. It will be a little peaceful to be able to use your hands more, she says.

After all, Cornelia would still describe her dream summer quite similar to the one she has this year. A festival summer where she gets to travel around Sweden and explore new places. But with a few weeks off to go home to the family and relatives, and find summer feeling there.

– There is something that’s so heavenly beautiful about to gig at festivals in Sweden in the summer. You come to so many nice places that you might never have visited during the holiday week, you often go abroad. But it’s so incredibly beautiful in Sweden, go up to Sundsvall or Norrland in the summer. It will be a bit luxurious, she says.

On Saturday she plays at the festival Latitude 57 in Oskarshamn and on August 26 she comes to Kackelstugan on Öland. She notes that there are small differences between own gigs and festival gigs. At her own gigs, where there is no strict plan for how the set-up is, she appreciates talking more with the audience.

– At festivals, you have to be careful to keep the time, otherwise they break the schedule. I talk a lot more at my own gigs, because there I don’t feel so stressed over time. We also perform more songs so there will be longer gigs. But it can be so incredibly cool at some festivals where there can be over 30,000 people. Festivals attract a lot of people, you get a lot of music for your money.

She has previously spent a lot of time on Öland, where her friend Molly Sandén has her summer house, so it has come naturally.

– I love Öland, it’s so incredibly nice there! Before I started writing music as a solo artist, I had a DJ duo called Stockholm Syndrome, and we played in Oskarshamn two or three times. It’s a very nice city, as far as I can remember.

With her music, Cornelia wants to convey emotions that people will enjoy, both high and low. She says she makes music that can be both fragile and tender, but also more energetic and up-tempo.

– I love that there is dynamism and height, where you can be everything. I hope people will be able to enjoy it and recognize themselves in some stuff. There is a lot of emotion in these gigs, and it will be so fun to play for everyone who comes, Cornelia concludes.

Summer life with…
Cornelia Jakobs

Prefer to eat in the summer: “In the summer, I probably prefer to eat an eventful summer salad, preferably with watermelon and feta cheese mix!”

Prefer to drink in the summer: “I really am a sucker for ordinary still water, I really love it. But other than that, there has been a lot of whiskey sour in recent weeks, they are so delicious. Ice cold cocktails with a lot of acid.”

Do on the beach: “Bath, I love bathing! And to warm up between baths in the sun. But bath, bath, bath.”

Reads: “Nothing, I suck at reading.”

Listens to: “When I work a lot, I don’t listen so much, I almost get tired in the ears. I often use music to unwind, so it can be some instrumental jazz or meditation music. However, the band Alt-J has done a cover of ‘House of the rising sun’ which I often listen to.”

Your favorite lovely little spot: “Isn’t the very thing about lovely little spots that they should be a bit hidden? I would probably say my parents’ garden.”

Bathing fan or not a bath fan: “Haha, do I even need to answer that? I am definitely a bath fan.”

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