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Translated interview with NWT

Hello there Cornelia Jakobs, this year’s winner of Melodifestivalen and fourth place in Eurovision.

1. How do you prepare yourself for a gig?

– I like to put on make-up. I usually put on make-up for myself in front of the TV and stage, it’s a nice moment for myself that feels meditative.

2. Do you have an artist rider? What’s on it?

– Yes, I think all artists have. I want aloe vera drink and kombucha, it’s nice for the throat before singing. And then there will always be GTs that we want to mix ourselves after the gig and unwind.

3. What are your must-have products?

– My rings! I need my rings. I’m crazy, I have maybe 20 on me. I like silver and my favorite ring is a smiley made by my friend Anna Mathilda who makes her own rings.

4. What are you listening to right now?

– Right now I’m playing a song on repeat over and over again to calm down: “House of the Rising Sun” by alt-J. It’s incredible! I listened to the song the entire flight home from Eurovision in Italy, it’s very meditative.

5. Meditative you say, do you usually meditate?

– I try, sometimes I do it, I think it’s a very nice moment. I usually listen to guided meditations. I have used the Calm app a lot for that.

6. Which app do you use most on your phone?

Blocket. Which is very random because I have very little time to go and buy things. But I do it when I need a break from the work brain and I’m obsessed with interior design. I look at beautiful things there, it calms me down. I find peace in looking at Blocket, haha…

7. What would you do with 1,000,000 right now?

– It’s not really enough for a house, but at least a bank loan for a house. So I would probably buy a small house outside the city by a lake. And I would build my own studio in the house

8. You turned 30 earlier this year, how was it?

– It was so awesome, I love getting older! But it was also in the middle of the “deltävlingar” of Melodifestivalen, so I didn’t notice it. I’m thinking of having a celebration now instead with a 20s party with a swing theme. I like the music, the style and so on from that time.

9. Mention a big life dream you have?

– I would like to have a house in northern Italy. I love Italy and especially the north, it is so green and beautiful there and there are nice lakes. I want a house with a studio built inside so that I can work 50 percent from there.

10. You have a nice hairstyle, how do you style it?

– Thank you, I’m happy you said that. I love short hair, the shorter the merrier, it’s so damn nice to have it short. I’m lucky that the hairstyle takes care of itself. I usually just wash it, let it dry itself and then parted in the middle.

Interview by Nea Liljegren/NWT
Photo by Lisa Olaison
Translation by Sabina/Cornelia Jakobs Online

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