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Translated Interview with TT: “I’ll enjoy every minute”

Cornelia Jakobs is in Turin for Eurovision. Two intense weeks await inside the competition bubble and Jakobs plans to enjoy every moment.

We’re talking about how to say “I would like a lake to splash in” in Italian, says Cornelia Jakobs on the phone from a roasting airport bus in Munich where she has made a stopover.

With her on the trip, she has an entourage with, among others, creative director, voice coach and press person – and then boyfriend David Zandén, who is also her songwriting partner together with Isa Molin.

– It means a lot and so heavenly safe to have some of my closest friends, it feels like my family.

Since she won Melodifestivalen in March, it has been in full swing.

– It has been a storm, as Carola would have said. Hectic, dizzying and very new. It has been a completely different type of pressure and tough schedule.

Gets calm by the fans

But all the appreciation she gets and all the new fans make her strong.

– There is so much support from Sweden and from all over Europe that I get so incredibly much energy from. It is a completely new type of support and it feels both uplifting and soothing. I feel safe that I have been myself and done my own thing and have received so much love for it.

The winning song “Hold me closer” is about a painful break from a relationship, and she has noticed that the theme seems to hit the hearts of listeners even outside Sweden’s borders.

– People come from Brazil and Lithuania and all sorts of countries and say the same thing. “Why did you have to write a song about me and my relationship?” Everyone has the feeling that the song about them. We are so fucking equal, it doesn’t matter where you are from.

“So powerful”

Being reminded of that kind of connection between different people is also what makes Eurovision so important.

– It gathers us around all these emotions and different expressions. Eurovision has always been a place where you can be who you are and feel as you feel. It can’t be too much emotion in Eurovision and that’s what I think is so cool and it will get so powerful to see close.

TT: What do you look forward to the most?

– I have worked so much on my own and I’ve not had much success before, so everything with this trip feels so heavenly luxurious. Everything is planned and I don’t have to keep track of stuff. I just have to enjoy being an artist. But what I look forward to most is of course the performance and to be able to sing the song. I’ll enjoy every minute.

Interview by: Björn Berglund/TT
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Photo by: TT

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