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Translated Interview with Vimmerby Tidning

Eurovision may be over, but for Cornelia Jakobs, the success has only just begun.

Cornelia Jakobs is a professional at her fingertips. A few weeks ago, it was the final of Eurovision, in which she came in an honorable fourth place. And recently, it was time for a concert at Pumpen in Södra Vi. Jakobs gave her everything in front of the assembled fans. It was impressive to see and hear Jakobs and her band perform her timeless pop music with such commitment.

When Jakobs and the band ended the concert with the Eurovision entry “Hold Me Closer”, it was really like the crown of an already impressive work: Cornelia Jakobs is an artist with strong integrity and talent, and it permeates every song.

– I come from the live scene. This is where my heart lies, says Jakobs when VT meets her after the concert. The songs have to work well live. I also always write about my own experiences. There must be things that I feel are real, otherwise I see no point in singing about them.

Cornelia Jakobs grew up in a musical family (her father is Jakob Samuel from the band The Poodles) and it has meant a lot to her.

– An early experience that influenced me was to hear Annelie Rydé’s version of “Sånt är livet”. I began singing it at my dad’s concerts. It was something that aroused strong emotions in me: to express them with a band.

– The music has never been foisted on me, rather the opposite. You have to do this for your own sake, and I’m thankful to have that with me.

After working hard as an indie musician, must it have been revolutionary to be a part of the Eurovision circus?

– It doesn’t matter how many people are in the audience, you do your best all the time. Those who are there should have the same experience, whether they are 30 or 30,000. There were several in the audience tonight who sang along to every single song, and it touched me.

– I feel that I’m in the right place and that I’m honest and transparent, Jakobs concludes. I do things because I like them myself, and that’s always important. But it’s incredibly fun that it’s going well now, and that’s a bonus.

Article and photo by Carl Abrahamsson/Vimmerby Tidning
Translation by Sabina/Cornelia Jakobs Online

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